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We live in a Global Village

The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village. Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962 Canadian author (1911 - 1980)
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Majestic Mountains

Moutain paddle boarder pano

Rocky Mountains Panorama – Bow Lake

Moutain paddle boarder

Bow Lake

Moutain paddle boarder2

Bow Lake Paddler

The mountains of Alberta between Banff and Jasper are truly majestic. It is hard to get a sense of that from a picture. I hope that the stand up paddleboarders in these shots give a bit of perspective as to how massive they are.

Spirit Island

Spirit Island

Spirit Island

Spirit Island on Maligne Lake is an iconic symbol of the Canadian Rockies. We took a photo boat tour to the island which gave us over an hour to explore and take pictures. I took this with my iPhone. Can’t wait to get my pictures on the computer and start processing. Sunday we head back home to reality😕

St. Albert Grain Elevators

This week I am at a gift fair in Edmonton Alberta. In the evening we go out taking pictures in the area. This is in St. Albert just north of Edmonton. The sun lined up just nicely with the tracks.

This was shot with my iPhone 4s. Edited in snapseed.


Hill Top Horses

hill top horses

We were on our way home from church today and spotted these two on the crest of a hill enjoying the view.

Despite the chaos going on in the world today scenes like this give me a sense of peace.

Mennonite Country

Mennonite Country

Mennonite Country

This is a common site on a Sunday morning in the countryside  around St. Jacobs where I live. St. Jacobs is often referred to as “Mennonite Country”.




Some of my favorite subjects. Rusted metal, textured wood, and peeling paint!
It’s an old latch on a double door of an old shed.

Hoggs & Heifers

Hoggs and Heifers

I shot this in New York City back in 2013. Just one of those things that caught my eye and made me smile.


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