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Market Flowers

Market Flowers

Here is another shot from the St. Jacobs Market on Saturday. Flowers seem to be a popular item. Especially at the end of the day when they go on sale.
Here is a photography tip for you. Take Pictures. I know it sounds simple but it is true. If you want to get better at something it takes practice. So don’t just take your camera with you. Take it out of the bag or your purse or where ever you keep it and put it in your hand. The neat thing that happens is that it really makes you aware of what’s going on around you. When we went to the market I didn’t just wonder around aimlessly, I actually was looking for things to photograph. Look for patterns. Things that repeat. Interesting lines and interesting people. Most of all Have Fun!!

Market Preserves

How Do You Choose?

We made a quick Trip to the St. Jacobs Market today and this stand had a multitude of preserves. I don’t know how you would choose. One of each maybe?
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Kel-Care Fire Video

Fire at Kel-Care in St. Jacobs

This is a video I made of the pictures I took at the fire.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

And the Oscar goes to “The Tree of Life” !!?? If you have seen the movie the Tree of Life you probably either liked it or hated it. I rented it a while back and although I liked it I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theatre. It is very artistic and I guess I was in the mood for something different that night. What I liked most was the story / message which is what keeps you engaged. Any way this old tree made me think of the movie. Not sure why but there you go.

Kel-Care Fire St. Jacobs

Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--35.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--34.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--33.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--32.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--31.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--30.jpg
Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--29.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--28.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--27.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--26.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--25.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--24.jpg
Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--23.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--22.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--21.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--20.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--19.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--18.jpg
Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--17.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--16.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--15.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--14.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--13.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--12.jpg

Kel-Care Fire St. Jacobs, a set on Flickr.

This evening I got a call from my friend Steve Morris – knowing I would want to take pictures – with the news that there was a fire in town.Thanks Steve.This building is on Albert St. near down town. They are a metal polishing company that have been here for years. Fortunately no one was hurt and our terrific Volunteer Fire Fighters did a great job of keeping it under control.

Wood and Steel

Wood and Steel

Here is another shot from under the rail bridge in St. Jacobs. This bridge crosses the river and when the water is high it floods this area. The result is a chaotic jumble of wood and steel.

This HDR shot is three exposures +2,0,-2 processed in Lightroom, Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz

Share Your Path

Share Your Path

My wife and I went for a walk the other day and we came across this couple doing the same. Some may say they were not up the task. That they shouldn’t risk it. They should take an easier path. But together they made it. Shared an adventure.

We share paths in different ways. I shared this path as well as sharing my life path with my wonderful Wife. Now I’m sharing this photo and a few humble thoughts with all of you who read this. I guess that is why we teach our kids to share. It’s always better that way.

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