Photo-Art by Neil de Boer

Kel-Care Fire St. Jacobs

Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--35.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--34.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--33.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--32.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--31.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--30.jpg
Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--29.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--28.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--27.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--26.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--25.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--24.jpg
Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--23.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--22.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--21.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--20.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--19.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--18.jpg
Kel-Car St. Jacobs fire--17.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--16.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--15.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--14.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--13.jpgKel-Car St. Jacobs fire--12.jpg

Kel-Care Fire St. Jacobs, a set on Flickr.

This evening I got a call from my friend Steve Morris – knowing I would want to take pictures – with the news that there was a fire in town.Thanks Steve.This building is on Albert St. near down town. They are a metal polishing company that have been here for years. Fortunately no one was hurt and our terrific Volunteer Fire Fighters did a great job of keeping it under control.


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