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Good for the Soul

Good for fhe Soul

There is nothing like watching the sunset at the beach. It does your soul good. This was taken at Sauble Beach last September.


Conestoga College 2nd Annual Pow Wow

Conestoga College 2nd Annual Pow Wow

I attended a Pow Wow at Conestoga College this weekend. My daughter Sarah and her fiancé Mike volunteered to help out so I volunteered to take pictures. It was a lot of fun. The dancers were so colourful and the drummers were great. I have 253 photos it took posted here.

Hope you enjoy them!

The Centre for International Governance Innovation

The Centre for International Governance Innovation Waterloo

The Centre for International Governance Innovation  is the last stop on this mini tour of Waterloo. It is next to the Seagram Lofts and attached to the old Seagram Museum. I think it is a beautiful combination of historic architecture and new. Amazing things happen here. Below is the description from their web site. Click on the link above and watch the video on their site for a good overview of what happens here.

(CIGI) is an independent, non-partisan think tank on international governance. Led by experienced practitioners and distinguished academics, CIGI supports research, forms networks, advances policy debate and generates ideas for multilateral governance improvements. Conducting an active agenda of research, events and publications, CIGI’s interdisciplinary work includes collaboration with policy, business and academic communities around the world.

CIGI’s research programs focus on four themes: the global economy; the environment and energy; global development; and global security. CIGI was founded in 2001 by Jim Balsillie, then co-CEO of Research In Motion, and collaborates with and gratefully acknowledges support from a number of strategic partners, in particular the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

This is another typical HDR Shot.

Waterloo Central Railway

Waterloo Train Station

This is the next stop on our mini tour of Waterloo. This station is the Waterloo stop for the Waterloo Central Railway which runs restored trains between Waterloo, St. Jacobs and during the Maple Syrup Festival up to Elmira. This station is behind the Clay and Glass Gallery and beside the Perimeter Institute. Tomorrow will be the last in this series and I think the most recently built.

This is a 3 exposure HDR in Photomatix, processed in Photoshop and Topaz.

Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church

This is Knox Presbyterian Church and is the next architecturally interesting building in this mini tour of Waterloo. It’s across the road from the Clay and Glass Gallery. This church was recently completed – replacing the previous church built in the 50’s. I think the design fits in well with this area of town.

Tomorrow we will go down the street back toward the Seagram Lofts to look at another building from a different era.

This is a 3 exposure HDR with post processing in Photoshop and Topaz filters.

The Perimeter Institute

Perimeter Institute and the new Steven Hawking Centre

This picture is a repost but the Perimeter Institute is world renowned. It is next in this series since it is behind the Clay and Glass Gallery that I posted yesterday. You can see the Grist Mill, the Clay and Glass Gallery and the Perimeter Institute standing in one spot. The architecture of this building is quite interesting and it is pretty neat inside. I will have to see if they will let me shot the inside “public” area sometime. Here is a link to the original post.

Stay tuned and tomorrow I will post the next interesting building you can see standing in this one place in Waterloo.

This is a 3 exposure HDR fine tuned in Photoshop and other filters.

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery is literally steps away from the location of the Grist Mill I posted yesterday. It is a public art gallery of  works made of glass, clay, ceramics etc. They have exhibits, workshops and a Gallery Shop. To tell you the truth I have never been in this building. I will have to put that on my list of things to do! Tomorrow I will point my camera in another direction at this same spot and show you a building that is world renowned.

This is a 3 exposure HDR shot with Topaz filter applied.

Abraham Erb’s Grist Mill

Abraham Erb's Grist Mill, Waterloo

This is a replica of Abraham Erb’s Grist Mill, in Waterloo. The original was built by Waterloo’s first settler – Abraham Erb. It is located at the south east corner of Waterloo Park. In a around this area are a number of interesting buildings to photograph. There is the Perimeter Institute, The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Centre for International Governance Innovation, The Seagram Lofts, the new Knox Presbyterian Church and the Waterloo Central Railway Station. I posted the Seagram Lofts yesterday and I will post the others in this series over the next few days.

This was shot as a 3 exposure HDR, converted to B&W and some of the colour blended back in.

Seagram Distillers

Seagram Lofts

We checked out the Ice Dogs Festival in Waterloo this weekend. Kids having fun skating. Ice sculptures and people out with their dogs. A nice Family Day Weekend activity. This building in down town Waterloo is the old Seagram whisky-barrel warehouse (as in the famous Crown Royal). The building has been converted into lofts making then a unique reuse of historic buildings.

Red Berry Vine Aged

Red Berry Vine Aged

As promised here is the Red Berry Vine with some editing. So what do you think? Did it age well or do you prefer the fresh squeezed look?

Tech notes: In Photoshop I added a texture called stained paper. Then a layer mask was applied to bring back the detail in the berries and the main vine. I also applied some Gaussian Blur to the texture to soften it. Finally a frame was added using Photoframe 4.6. Click on the images below to see both full size.

Red Berry Vine

Red Berry Vine

I like the way these berries hang around all winter giving a splash of colour and food for the birds. This picture does not have much post processing done to it. It was shot in RAW and developed in Lightroom with a little cropping and the usual adjustments. Tomorrow I will will add some effects to it. Maybe a texture layer and some filtering and you can let me know which you like best!

Remember The Winter …

March 9th 2008

This winter (if you want to call it that) hasn’t given us much in the way of snow. For some it’s been a real blessing. For others it’s been a real disappointment. I haven’t minded the mild winter but I do like the adventure of a lot of snow. This picture was taken in our driveway in March of 2008 so I guess there is still time for a big dump of snow!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to my wonderful wife Elizabeth and to all of you reading this post. I took this picture in the Hershey Chocolate store in New York when we were there in  2009.

Tech notes: The pictures was processed in Lightroom with a preset called Hint of Purple from Photography Concentrate. This is a great site run by a Canadian couple passionate about photography. The frame is from PhotoFrame 4.6 and then some final adjustments in Photoshop.

Wiarton Sunrise

Wiarton Sunrise

As promised yesterday here is the sunrise shot I took just before the reflections shot in Wiarton. The sky was pretty clear with just a few wispy clouds but the sun washed the sky with colour just before peeking over the horizon. I am not a morning person but watching the sun rise does something for the soul that makes getting up worth while.

Morning Reflections

Early Morning Reflections

I rose early on a crisp fall morning hoping to capture a colourful sunrise. I stopped at the Tim Hortons in Wiarton for a coffee to go and headed over to the west side of Colpy’s Bay to await the rising sun. The morning turned out to be cloudless but just before the sun rose above the horizon the sky began to glow red and purple. I will post that picture tomorrow. As the sun was rising with a soft morning light I shot these trees reflecting in the still water leaving me to reflect on how blessed we are to live in a Country that affords us the luxury of such beautiful scenery.

This Little Piggy Went To Market

This Little Piggy Went To Market

Another shot from the St. Jacobs Farmers Market. I find it rather morbidly humorous that the butcher would have this humanistic statue of a pig in his shop. At first glance you don’t put much thought into it but what is the subliminal and maybe unintentional message. I’m sure the butcher just thinks it’s cute but when you stop to think about it a couple things come to mind. Like – You are what you eat. Or maybe – Hey it’s ok that’s what I’m here for.
Don’t get me wrong. I do like a good pork chop or roast. I just find this kind of weird.

Out Standing In It’s Field

Lone Tree

There was another beautiful sunset this evening. This was taken just to the south west of the St. Jacobs Farmers Market. This tree stands all by it’s self in the middle of a large field. Click here for a Google map of the area. Some times you see these random trees in the middle of a field and I wonder why it wasn’t cut down. Maybe the farmer needed a shady spot to stop and have lunch when he was working the fields!

Calvary Church St. Jacobs

Calvary United Church St. Jacobs Ontario

This is a HDR shot of Calvary United Church – St. Jacobs. This is where I meet with a great bunch of people to praise and worship our God. If you are ever in St. Jacobs on a Sunday morning at 10:00 AM come on in and join us. Make sure you ask for me, Neil de Boer and I’ll show you around. I’m there most Sundays.
This shot is exposed at +2,0,-2 . Processed in Photomatix Lightroom and CS2

This Is February?

Streams of Light

What a beautiful day. It is hard to believe it is February. This was taken on Benjamin Rd just north of Waterloo. The Sun was streaming through the clouds. Some times all you can say is wow. (which by the way is mom upside down)

The Anatomy Of A Sunset


This was the sunset this evening taken just outside the village of Hawkesville. I love to watch the sunset. When the horizon is relatively clear of clouds and the rest of the sky has cloud cover sunsets go through some what predicable stages . As the sun dips below the horizon it casts a pinky glow on the bottom of the cloud cover. This doesn’t last long but it is beautiful to watch. So next time you watch the sunset take note of the ebb and flow of the colours.

Then and Now

Underwood No. 6

Technology sure has come a long way since 1934 when the Underwood No. 6 was first introduced. Even the Blackberry I have sitting in there is out of date!
Here are a few classic “Remember When”

Remember When….

…When “getting high” meant on a swing

…When “Protection” meant wearing a helmet

…When the worst thing you could get from BOYS were cooties

& the worst thing you could get from Girls was a cold

…When Mum was your only hero

& Dads shoulders were the highest place on earth

…Your Worst Enemies were your siblings

…When The only “Drug” you knew was cough medicine

…Wearing a skirt didn’t mean you were a “Slut”

…The only thing you “Smoked” was the tires on your bike

…The only thing that would “Hurt you” were skinned knees

…The only thing that could be “Broken” were your toys

…When “Goodbyes” only meant until tomorrow…


Happy Ground Hog Day!

Wiarton Station

Here in Ontario Canada Wiarton Willie did not see his shadow calling for an early spring. This past summer while in Wiarton I took this photo of the old train station which is now a tourist centre. Happy Ground Hog Day!

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