Photo-Art by Neil de Boer

Maple Syrup – It goes with everything!

Maple Syrup Sugar Shack

Maple Syrup Sugar Shack

Maple Syrup producers in Waterloo County are in high gear trying to make enough syrup for the Worlds Largest single day Maple Syrup Festival in Elmira Ont. The festival takes place Saturday March 31, 2012. With the mild winter and spring I’m sure production is down. This shot was taken a couple of weeks ago just outside of the village of Hawkesville.

For this HDR shot I used only 2 exposures. Since I was shooting hand held the +2 exposure was not sharp enough so I could only use the -2 & 0 but it still turned out ok. Processed in Lightroom, Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz and Noiseware


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