Photo-Art by Neil de Boer

Thundering Hooves

Horses on the run

On the Run

On Saturday evening we went out to Baden again to get some more images of horses running.

Thundering Hoves

Thundering Hooves

They are such powerful animals and to stand in an open field with half a dozen or more horses galloping past you with in a couple yards is amazing. The thunder of their hooves has a rhythm that is almost hypnotic.

Horses Kick'n up Dust

Kick’n up Dust

After charging past us they continued down the hill – dust flying!


One response

  1. The Horse

    How do we measure the strength of our engines?
    Engines we use for everything
    Though the power of a horse.
    We crossed this country on the horse
    We settled this country on the back of the horse
    Plowed are fields, planted are crops,
    Gathered our crops, hauled them to market.
    With this strong and beautiful creature.

    I remember my Grand Fathers team
    A man’s team of horses was a Thing of pride and beauty
    You were judged by your team.
    You took pride in them.
    They were a farmer’s bread and butter.

    For what to be slaughtered and ate
    Since the tractor has replaced them
    I know many won’t eat them
    They will just send them some where else
    And turn our backs on what is being done


    October 22, 2013 at 5:32 pm

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