Photo-Art by Neil de Boer

Doors Open Waterloo Region – CIGI Campus

The Centre for International Governance Innovation Waterloo

We arrived at our 9th and final Doors Open Waterloo Region site shortly before 4:oo pm giving us just enough time to grab a few photo’s and talk with the hosts. As stated on their web site “The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is an independent, non-partisan think tank on international governance. CIGI’s research programs focus on four themes: the global economy; global security; the environment and energy; and global development.”

Again from their site: “A public art installation in the CIGI Campus courtyard, designed by Rhode Island artist Richard Fleischner, features copper markers signifying 19 moments of progress in international governance. The markers have been placed by geographical location onto an unseen map of the world. These events have significantly shaped how individuals and nation-states interact with one another. They were chosen based on their impact on international governance, not just at the moment in time, but in the grander sweep of history.”

The  picture above I took in September of 2011 and the rest in the Gallery below I took the day of the tour.

Click on an image below to see larger

So this wraps up the our Doors Open Waterloo Region Tour. I hoped you enjoyed the ride and for those of you in the region – why not join the fun next year!. I hope you will continue to follow my posts as I photograph this wonderful Global Village we live in.

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