Photo-Art by Neil de Boer

Marbles Resturant

Marbles Resturant

Marbles Resturant

On Saturday the Waterloo Community Arts Centre in the Button Factory on Regina St. Waterloo hosted Once Around The Block – Uptown Waterloo. Our tour guides consisted of 3 members of theBaden Storytellers’ Guild

The building that is now home to Marbles restaurant was originally built as a livery stable for the Alexander House, a hotel that once stood on the corner. The hotel was built in the mid 1870s by David Kuntz, the owner of the Kuntz brewery, which was on the diagonally opposite corner of King and William Streets. The hotel was torn down in the 1930s but the livery stable continued to be used as an automobile service station. Notice the wide entrance way to allow for a horse and buggy. Today it’s one of many excellent restaurants in Waterloo. (description from

Tech Info: 3 exposure HDR in Photomatix then effects added in Photoshop, Topaz, OnOne


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