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Peace and Tranquility

Peace and Tranquility - Vermilion Lakes, Alberta, Canada

Peace and Tranquility – Vermilion Lakes, Alberta, Canada

As I set up my tripod to compose this shot I couldn’t help but be in awe of the sense of Peace and Tranquility I felt here. With the mountains reflecting in the water, the Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada is a place where one can stroll along the shore and forget about the stress of everyday life. It was such a treat to be there and attempt to capture at least a portion of that Peace and Tranquility.


Mountain Dock

Mountain Dock

Mountain Dock

As we drove from Banff to Canmore Alberta the Rockies continued to provide a breathtaking backdrop. We found this spot with some open water beautifully reflecting the mountains. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day with temperatures above freezing and a wonderful mix of sun and clouds in the sky.