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Cash Only

Cash Only

This sign is at an abandoned gas station near Owen Sound. I don’t think many people carry enough cash for gas these days considering how much it costs to fill up.


Sinking Farmhouse

As we travelled around the Ontario countryside this summer we discovered a few abandoned farm houses. I follow Ontario Abandoned Places on Facebook and have been fascinated by the properties they have explored. So when I came across this one I took the opportunity to take a look and shoot a few photos.

Out of respect for the rules of the Ontario Abandoned Places, I did not break in – (it was easily accessed), I did not remove anything – and I will not be revealing the location.

As I approached the farmhouse it was evident that the front part of the house had sunk into the ground by about 2 feet. I walked around to the side and was able to easily take a picture of the kitchen through the window. I then went around back and the door was open.

As I made my way through the chaos  I was careful to make sure the floors felt strong enough to hold me and not to touch anything!

The date on the wall calendar was 1983 and as you can see it was quite a mess but very interesting. After seeing the Christmas card I felt sad that all the memories in this abandoned home now seemed to be forgotten. Oh – and that giant syringe on the stovetop – it may be best forgotten what that may have been used for!!

La Grande Hermine – Jordan Harbour Shipwreck

La Grande Hermine Shipwreck

La Grande Hermine Shipwreck

For anyone traveling on the QEW Highway between Hamilton and St. Catharines there is an interesting landmark (or is it a watermark?) that let’s them know they are passing Jordan Harbour. Since 1997 this 140 foot replica of French explorer Jacques Cartier’s ship the La Grand Hermine has rested here.

Originally built in Quebec in 1914 it was a ferry on the St. Lawrence, later became a cargo ship, then a floating restaurant and finally converted into a replica ship. It was then towed by the owner to Jordan Harbour in 1997 in hopes of turning it into a gambling venue in a spot near Niagara Falls. Unfortunately the owner passed away before permission was received and it has sat here ever since. In January 2003 an arson fire caused extensive damage to the wood clad vessel and what remains is a rusted hull that still attracts the attention of travelers on the busy Queen Elizabeth Way Highway.

This video link is by CHCH News with the history of the ship with photo’s before the fire.

Is There Anybody In There?

Is There Anybody In There?

Is There Anybody In There?

Hello? – – I wonder to myself, Is there anybody in there?  What the heck is that red thing? A huge stuffed chicken or something? It just added to the creepiness of the place.




Inside there were rooms of discarded items, crumbling walls and peeling wall paper.

I recently came across this abandoned house. Upon entering you can feel your adrenaline start to attune your senses to the surroundings. Is there anyone in there? Is it safe? Will the floors hold me? Then the driving force urges you on. I’m going to get some great shots in here.   Inside there were rooms of discarded items, crumbling walls and peeling wall paper. I makes you wonder why some of the discarded pieces are there. A childs lawn chair. A basket of fake flowers.

I have a few more to share in the next few days.

The Office is Closed

The Office is Closed

The Office is Closed

This shot was taken at the Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield Site located in the Southeast area of Brantford.

3 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix, texture blend using onOne Perfect effects, tweaked with Topaz Adjust.


If These Walls Could Talk

Abandoned Cottage

Rural Decay

This abandoned little cottage is south of Wiarton Ontario on Grey Rd. 10 at Hwy. 21. When I went inside and found abandoned chairs, clothes, shoes and just stuff it made me wonder what the story behind this little place is. It is very small. Just 3 rooms. If only the walls could talk!
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Just the Shell Left

Burnt out House

Just the Shell Left

This is the second shot of this burnt out house near Scone Ontario that I have posted. Once a grand farm house that provided shelter for the occupants it is now just a shell. Lets hope the the previous owners where able to fly to a new beginning like a bird breaking free from it’s shell!

3 exposure HDR, Photomatix, Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz

Abandoned Barn

abandoned barn

Abandoned Barn

This abandoned barn is at the same location as the burnt out house I posted earlier. It is hard to imagine it once full of livestock.

3 exposure HDR. Photomatix, Photoshop and  Lightroom