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Fish Dinner

Heron Fish Dinner

Saw this one fishing in the Grand River in Cambridge on the weekend. Was able to sit there and watch and take this shot of it enjoying a fish dinner.

After a some photo artistry I came up with this version which will be a part of the Art in the Park event in Elmira this weekend Saturday September 8th from 10am – 2pm.

Water Music

Goose conductor

The Goose Conductor

I took this while Kayaking at Rockwood Park. It makes me think of an Orchestra Conductor conducting water music.

River Bank Heron

heron square

Went kayaking on the Grand River in Cambridge today and was rewarded with this beautiful Heron strolling along the river bank.

Conestogo Heron

On Sunday I went for a bike ride down the trail along the Conestogo River south of St. Jacobs and came across this guy standing watch on the other side of the river. They are usually pretty skittish and fly away at the first sight of a human but he was content to stay put while I took his portrait.

Constogo Heron copy

Swan Shower

Swan Showr

Swan Shower

This swan was having fun rustling it’s wings around in the water creating it’s own morning shower.

This was taken this last winter before the water froze over in Harrison Park Owen Sound.

Happy Canada Day!!


Swan at Harrison Park, Owen Sound

Swan at Harrison Park, Owen Sound

A few weekends ago I was in Harrison Park, Owen Sound where there are quite a few waterfowl in and around the pond. This swan sitting in the snow preening its feathers caught my eye. The beauty and simplicity of white on white was a pleasure to watch and photograph.

The Crow Contemplates the Cross

The Crow Contemplates the Cross

The Crow Contemplates the Cross

The crow was on the fence
Not knowing which way to turn
While contemplating the Cross