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Mermaid Architecture

Mermaid Soffit Supports

Mermaid Architecture

These unique architectural features are on a building in downtown Brantford Ontario. Not sure if they are suppose to be Mermaids. I could not find any history about them. If you have any insight into these I would be interested to learn more.

3 exposure HDR, photomatix, photoshop, topaz adjust, lightroom.


Fishing on the Grand

Fishing on the Grand - Below Wilkes Dam, Brantford

Fishing on the Grand – Below Wilkes Dam, Brantford

Taken at Wilkes Dam Brantford a fisherman tries his luck as the sun breaks through the clouds in the evening.

Harmony Square, Brantford

Harmony Square, Brantford

Harmony Square

This is Harmony Square in Brantford Ontario. It is a central gathering place down town and is used for a variety of events through out the year. You can check out their web site here

This is a 3 exposure HDR, processed with Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz adjust, Lightroom


Crayon Bike Rack

Crayon Bike Rack

This was taken outside the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford. A Creative bike rack for creative people.
Here is a link to Art Gallery’s web site



Ruthven Main House

Here are an other couple of shots at Ruthven, south of Brantford. The main house is very impressive and has undergone major renovations.

Ruthven Peonys

Ruthven Peonies

The back entrance to the main house has this wonderful arched window and the Peonies were in bloom.

Both shots are 3 exposure HDR, photomatix, photoshop, topaz, lightroom

Grand Sunset

Sunset over Grand River, Brantford

Grand Sunset, Brantford

In contrast to the Brownfield area I posted yesterday, Brantford has some very beautiful areas. One of them is Glenhyrst Gardens where we took in a sunset over the Grand River.

5 Exposure HDR, Photomatix, Photoshop, Noiseware, Lightroom

Brantford Brownfield

Time Office Abandoned Building

Time Can Be Cruel

Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield site, Brantford

Burnt out Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield Site – Brantford

Brownfield sites are commercial or industrial properties that are underused, vacant or abandoned. This site is the Greenwich-Mohawk site in Brantford and is made up of 50 acres in the south east area of Brantford. The burnt out section  is the result of a fire in 2002.
Click here for more information and the link also has links to what Brantford is trying to do to reclaim this land.