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Flowerpot Island – Tobermory

Flowerpot Island

Flowerpot Island

These unique rock formations are found on Flowerpot Island just north of Tobermory Ontario. We took the boat trip over and had fun exploring the island. It is well worth the trip if you ever get the chance.

Here is the description from the island website.

Just 6.5 kilometers off the coast of Tobermory lies Flowerpot Island, one of Canada’s most fascinating natural attractions. Flowerpot Island is famous for its natural sea stacks, the “flowerpots”, as well as its caves, historic lightstation and variety of rare plants. Accessible only by boat, Flowerpot Island is the only island in Fathom Five National Marine Park with campsites and hiking trails. It is a great place to spend half or a full day exploring the island, viewing the scenery, picnicking or swimming.


Hole in the Rock – Cypress Lake

Hole in the Rock near the Grotto - Cypress Lake

Hole in the Rock near the Grotto – Cypress Lake

Last week we hiked the trail to the Grotto at Cypress Lake Park in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. This shot is of the hole in the rock which is a smaller grotto near the larger main Grotto. There were so many people in the main Grotto that I didn’t bother to go down and take pictures. I would like to go back in the spring or fall when it is not so busy to get a few shots.

This Grotto did have people going in and out and looking down the hole but with a little patients I was able to get the shot without any people in it.

Abandoned Farm House

Abandoned farm

Abandoned Farm House

Driving around the Bruce Peninsula this weekend we came across this old farm house. It looked as if those who lived there just disappeared. Deteriorating curtains hang in the windows and outside water pump is overgrown with grass. I am sure at one time it was busy with activity – now it is slowly returning to the earth from which it sprang.

The Chi-Chemaun

The Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

The Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

MS Chi-Cheemaun is a passenger and car ferry in Ontario, Canada, which traverses Lake Huron between Tobermory on Bruce Peninsula and South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island. Wikipedia
During the winter they keep her in the port of Owen Sound. It is a good thing that they put that chain and padlock on or might have been tempted to take her out for a spin!