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White Horse

Shadowfax – Calhoun Stables – Durant Road, Woolwich

This is one I shot this past spring. The name Shadowfax comes from the Lord of the Rings. Shadowfax is a white horse that only Gandalf can ride. His horse will not tolerate a bridle or saddle, comprehends human speech, runs faster than the wind, and possesses extraordinary courage. I’m not sure what the actual name of this horse is but it thought it fit.

This picture will also be on display at the exhibit in Elmira.



Through the windows

Through the windows

Through the windows

The horses ran around this feed shed and I spotted them through the window and fired of a couple a shots. Thought it made an interesting composition.

Calhoun Stables

Here are some more shots from the other night out at Calhoun Stables.


Horses Grazing


A group of us went out to Calhoun Stables this evening and took some more horse pictures. This was shot at the end of the evening with very little light left.

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