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Cotton Candy Clouds

CottonCandy Clouds

Cotton Candy Cloud

We were kayaking down the Conestogo River on Saturday afternoon. When we left the sun was shining and the weather forecast did not call for rain until evening. As the afternoon progressed these cotton candy clouds moved in. I have never seen anything quite like it before. After that the rain clouds moved in and we got soaked.

Despite the weather we had a good little trip and saw lots of different birds which I will post at a later date.


Storm Clouds

Lake Huron Clouds

Lake Huron Clouds

Sailing out in the middle of Lake Huron gave a unique perspective of the storms that were passing to the south of us. These huge storm clouds would surge high into the sky quite rapidly. It makes one marvel at the amount of energy it must contain.

Waiting out the Storm

Waiting out the Storm

Waiting out the Storm

After going through the Welland Canal we spent the night at Port Colborne. The next day brought a forecast of stormy weather so we decided it would be best to stay put. This is a shot of  one of the storms that passed to the North West of us.

This is a 3 Exposure HDR.

Fire Bird

Fire Bird Clouds

Fire Bird

On the Canada Day weekend we arrived at the cottage on Colpoys Bay just as the sun dipped below the horizon. I quick parked and ran down to the beach with my camera and tripod to get a shot of this fire red cloud that looked like a giant bird. The only problem was there were millions of midge flies (like a mosquito)  swarming about. When I looked at the shots on the computer the beak of the bird/cloud was covered in a swarm these flies. I almost gave up on this shot but processed it any way to see what I could do. After running some noise and scratch and dust filters and masking back in detail where I could it came out not to bad.

Mountainous Clouds

Mountainous Clouds

A Mountain Range of Clouds

We don’t have any mountains in this part of the country. When I saw these mountainous clouds I was reminded of when I went out west and saw the Rocky mountains. As far as a view goes these are the next best thing!


Sunset north of Shakespeare

Sundown North of Shakespeare

Another beautiful sunset last night. This was taken north of the Village of Shakespeare Ontario. As the sun went down it cast it’s firey glow up into the clouds.

3 Exposure HDR Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz, Noiseware, Lightroom

Golden Pond

Golden Pond

Golden Pond

I have driven passed this little pond a few times and when there is no wind this tree reflects nicely in the pond. Even though the wind was up this evening the clouds were great and the sun lined up with the tree just right so I stopped and took a few shots. The location is the south east corner of Laurel Creek Park – Waterloo.

This is a 3 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix, Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz and Noiseware

This Is February?

Streams of Light

What a beautiful day. It is hard to believe it is February. This was taken on Benjamin Rd just north of Waterloo. The Sun was streaming through the clouds. Some times all you can say is wow. (which by the way is mom upside down)