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Delicate Iris

Purple Iris

We have these delicate little Irises growing beside our driveway and they always put on a good show this time of year.


Little House in the Garden

Garden House

When we go for a walk around the village I like to take my camera with me. It makes me more aware of my environment because I am on the lookout for things to take a photo of.

I found this little house in a garden we were passing by. I loved its whimsical look and just had to take a shot.


Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2017, Elora

Last Weekend was the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2017. This year I joined a group in Elora Ontario.

Elora is a village with many tourist shops and plenty of photo opportunities. The group had a great time exploring the village. Each came back with their unique photographic take on this picturesque setting.

Here is my take.
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Peter Pan – Carl Schurz Park

Peter Pan - Carl Schurz Park NYC

Peter Pan – Carl Schurz Park NYC

This is a bronze statue of Peter Pan in the Carl Schurz Park, New York City. It was to be the location of my Daughters Wedding but tropical storm Andrea didn’t allow it. The alternate location proved to be just as lovely.

This is a 3 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix, Lightroom, and Photoshop.




Gladiolus always bring back childhood memories for me. My grandparents planted row on row of these in their garden on the farm and my parents planted them in their garden. For some reason I never carried on the tradition. Just might have to do something about that!

Mountainous Clouds

Mountainous Clouds

A Mountain Range of Clouds

We don’t have any mountains in this part of the country. When I saw these mountainous clouds I was reminded of when I went out west and saw the Rocky mountains. As far as a view goes these are the next best thing!

Garden Chair

Garden Chair

Garden Chair

This is another shot from our friends garden who have the wooden swan. This table and chair are tucked away in the corner of the garden inviting us to stop and enjoy the beauty of the plants.

Wooden Swan

Wooden Swan

Wooden Swan

I took this last summer in a friends garden. I love the texture of the weather worn wood against the green plants.

Processed in Photoshop and Topaz