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Hill Top Horses

hill top horses

We were on our way home from church today and spotted these two on the crest of a hill enjoying the view.

Despite the chaos going on in the world today scenes like this give me a sense of peace.


Best Friends Forever

Best Friends

Best Friends:
I took this photo last year at a farm in Baden Ontario. These to really seemed to enjoy each others company.

Mother and Colt

Mother and her Colt

Mother and her Colt

New to the World

With unsteady Legs

Soon to run like the Wind

Different Yet The Same

Silhouette horses

Different Yet The Same

Alone in the Herd

Different yet the Same

In harmony with Nature

They run with a common Goal

Raking Hay

Raking Hay

Raking Hay

The St. Jacobs area is well known as a Mennonite community. As I was driving out of town the other day I saw this young lad raking the hay so I had to grab a shot.

Sleigh Ride

Horse and Sleigh

Sleigh Ride

I was out taking some winter shots near the village of Millbank today and these guys came down the road. I find it interesting that the horses saw me standing off to the side of the road from a fair distance away. As you can see from this shot they were keeping an eye on me.

Spurred On

Spurred On

Spurred On

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather with a cold that just doesn’t want to go away. I was looking through the archives from last year and this image “Spurred” me on to make a post!
I didn’t do to much post processing. A little work in Lightroom. A little spice from Topaz adjust and there you go!

Hope every one is have a good start to the New Year. I am upgrading my computer so more on that when I get it.


White Horse

Shadowfax – Calhoun Stables – Durant Road, Woolwich

This is one I shot this past spring. The name Shadowfax comes from the Lord of the Rings. Shadowfax is a white horse that only Gandalf can ride. His horse will not tolerate a bridle or saddle, comprehends human speech, runs faster than the wind, and possesses extraordinary courage. I’m not sure what the actual name of this horse is but it thought it fit.

This picture will also be on display at the exhibit in Elmira.


Coming Through!

Running Horses

We’re Coming Through!

I was able to get this shot by standing in a ditch at the edge of the lane that these horses came running down. They could see me there and seem to be saying “Look out we’re coming through!”

All post processing in Lightroom

And They’re Off

Running Horses

And They’re Off

Last week we were out at another horse farm getting more shots of horses on the run. There is nothing quite like standing out in a field with these beautiful animals.

Thundering Hooves

Horses on the run

On the Run

On Saturday evening we went out to Baden again to get some more images of horses running.

Thundering Hoves

Thundering Hooves

They are such powerful animals and to stand in an open field with half a dozen or more horses galloping past you with in a couple yards is amazing. The thunder of their hooves has a rhythm that is almost hypnotic.

Horses Kick'n up Dust

Kick’n up Dust

After charging past us they continued down the hill – dust flying!


Through the windows

Through the windows

Through the windows

The horses ran around this feed shed and I spotted them through the window and fired of a couple a shots. Thought it made an interesting composition.

Calhoun Stables

Here are some more shots from the other night out at Calhoun Stables.


Horses Grazing


A group of us went out to Calhoun Stables this evening and took some more horse pictures. This was shot at the end of the evening with very little light left.

Processed with Lightroom, Photoshop, Nic Silver Efex