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St. Jacobs Market Fire

Early this morning the St. Jacobs Farmers Market suffered a devastating fire. The main building is a total loss but the fire departments that fought the blaze were able to save the other buildings. I have posted pictures from this market here before and is was a vibrant colourful place to visit. Here is a link to their web site. Here is an excerpt from an update on this page.

“A big THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to us this
morning. We have always said that the market is not the buildings. It’s
the people the vendors, customers, the whole community. We’re
very humbled by the sense of ownership and pride that so many
people have for this market. We will bring it back!”

They plan of having the outdoor market and other building open as soon as possible. We look forward to the return of the market soon.

Click on any picture to get a larger view.

Here are a couple of interior shots of the market.

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Market Tomatoes


Market Tomatoes

The temperature has dropped and it’s snowy outside so I was looking through some shots from this summer and I came across this one from the St. Jacobs Farmers Market. I’m not trying to rush winter along but it’s nice to have something to look forward to.


Berry Picking

Berry Picking

Berry Picking in Kensington Market

Here is another in the Toronto Street Photography series. This was shot on the move as we walked along. I didn’t look through the viewfinder just pointed the camera in her direction and fired of a shot. Sometimes you get lucky. She did turn out a little under exposed in the original but shooting in RAW allows you to bring back those details in the shadows.