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The Cloisters NYC

The Cloisters. The name itself makes me think of medieval mystery  and European Monks.

When I saw a post on Facebook by photographer Karen Hutton  of the Cloisters in New York City it became a must see for the next time I was there.

We happened to go NYC on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and scheduled a visit to the Cloisters on the Sunday morning. The grounds are beautiful and the architecture amazing.

This is a description from their website:

The Cloisters museum and gardens, the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe, was assembled from architectural elements, both domestic and religious, that largely date from the twelfth through the fifteenth century.

The building and its cloistered gardens—located in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan—are treasures in themselves, effectively part of the collection housed there. The Cloisters’ collection comprises approximately two thousand works of art.

Here are just a few of the shots I took there.