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Columbia Icefields Run Off


Columbia Icefields Run Off

This was taken last August along the Columbia Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies.

One thing that surprised me was how windy it was at this location. The temperature difference between the glacier ice and the surrounding area created a wind that made it hard to keep my hat on!


Patricia Lake, Alberta


Patricia Lake, Alberta

Mirror smooth water, rising mist, mountains in the background, colourful row boats all added up to a magical early morning shot just north of Jasper, Alberta on Patricia Lake.

I’m not an early riser but it’s moments like this that make it all worthwhile.

Moraine Lake, Alberta



Moraine Lake

Here are a couple of more shots from Alberta. Moraine Lake is stunning in its beauty and grandeur.

Majestic Mountains

Moutain paddle boarder pano

Rocky Mountains Panorama – Bow Lake

Moutain paddle boarder

Bow Lake

Moutain paddle boarder2

Bow Lake Paddler

The mountains of Alberta between Banff and Jasper are truly majestic. It is hard to get a sense of that from a picture. I hope that the stand up paddleboarders in these shots give a bit of perspective as to how massive they are.

Peace and Tranquility

Peace and Tranquility - Vermilion Lakes, Alberta, Canada

Peace and Tranquility – Vermilion Lakes, Alberta, Canada

As I set up my tripod to compose this shot I couldn’t help but be in awe of the sense of Peace and Tranquility I felt here. With the mountains reflecting in the water, the Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada is a place where one can stroll along the shore and forget about the stress of everyday life. It was such a treat to be there and attempt to capture at least a portion of that Peace and Tranquility.

Mountain Dock

Mountain Dock

Mountain Dock

As we drove from Banff to Canmore Alberta the Rockies continued to provide a breathtaking backdrop. We found this spot with some open water beautifully reflecting the mountains. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day with temperatures above freezing and a wonderful mix of sun and clouds in the sky.

Lake Louise Albert

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Having only seen Lake Louise in pictures, I didn’t know what to expect as we pulled into the parking lot of Lake Louise Alberta. Most of the pictures I recalled seeing were taken in the summer of the aqua green lake at the foot of these majestic mountains. Seeing it in the winter on a beautiful sunny day was stunning. Walking out onto the ice provided a view of the mountains you could only get from a boat in the summer. This shoot is a panorama made up of 4 photos stitched together in Photoshop.

Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin

The Canadian Rockies are breath taking! We were making our way over to Lake Louise and out of the corner of my eye I spotted this mountain cabin. We turned around to investigate and parked in an area that cross country skiers use to access this area. We followed their trails to get a closer look. Step off the snow packed trail is something you only do once! A couple of steps to the right or left and you are up to your thigh in snow. The skiers had a good chuckle – I see you are out post holing they teased! True enough. Our off trail tracks looked like post holes. It was all great fun and the view was spectacular.

Vancouver Island – Along the Pacific Rim Hwy

Along the Pacific Rim Hwy

Along the Pacific Rim Hwy

As we continued on along the Pacific Rim Highway on Vancouver Island on our way to Tofino we stopped to take a few shot of the river. There is nothing like the rush of water on a beautiful day with the mountains all around to give you a sense of wonder.