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Engine 6593


This is Engine 6593 which happily pulls passenger cars full of tourists and train enthusiasts between Waterloo, St. Jacobs and Elmira.

I took this shot at the train yard in St. Jacobs. Built in 1957, it has been lovingly restored by the members of the Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society (SOLRS).

Check this link for the history of engine 6593


Tree Sea and Sky

Sea tree and sky

Tree Sea Sky

This is a rework of a shot I took back in 2013.

I have always been attracted to scenes of lone trees. Combined with the water land and big sky it’s an image that is simple yet seems to captivate me.

Modern Machinery


What was once Modern Machinery now sits as an ornament at the end of a farm lane in the shadow of a modern windmill.

Flowing Fields

Flowing Fields

Flowing Fields

The summer winds blow through the wheat fields making them look like flowing rivers. That is the feeling I was going for in creating this work.




Chickadees are friendly little birds that will eat out of your hand once they get used to you. This one posed for me at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton Ontario.