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Engineered Steel

Engineered Steel railway bridge Paris Ont.

Engineered Steel

Something a little different today. This is a shot of the railway bridge in Paris Ontario. It is a great structure and I can just imagine the hours spent by engineers working out every detail of the construction. I bet it was with great satisfaction and relief the first time the train passed over it. I wonder how the engineer operating the train felt the first time passing over the new bridge? (click on the bridge for a larger view)


Mother’s Day Reflections

River Reflections

Reflections on Mother’s Day

I think we are attracted to reflections in artwork not only for the symmetry it creates but also because in a subconscious way we reflect on life. As I reflect on my life I count myself blessed that my wife has been such a loving Mother to our children and that I have a loving Mother who raised me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Conflicting Messages

Sunset and bridge


I can’t decide if I like this sunset shot or not. I think it is because of the conflicting messages it gives. You have a nice peaceful sunset broken up with the chaotic branches of the trees and then there is the strong lines of the bridge structure. At least it makes you think. Art should do that sometimes. What do you think?

Rail Bridge Sunset

Rail Bridge Sunset

Rail Bridge Sunset

I went on photo walk with a couple of friends this evening. The sunsets are lining up nicely with the rail bridge this time of year. As the sun settled into the towering clouds it set off a burst of orange and yellow. The great thing about landscape photography is that you make a point of finding and recording these beautiful scenes.

This is a 3 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix and Lightroom.

Wood and Steel

Wood and Steel

Here is another shot from under the rail bridge in St. Jacobs. This bridge crosses the river and when the water is high it floods this area. The result is a chaotic jumble of wood and steel.

This HDR shot is three exposures +2,0,-2 processed in Lightroom, Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz