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Patricia Lake, Alberta


Patricia Lake, Alberta

Mirror smooth water, rising mist, mountains in the background, colourful row boats all added up to a magical early morning shot just north of Jasper, Alberta on Patricia Lake.

I’m not an early riser but it’s moments like this that make it all worthwhile.


Reflections of Montreal



I loved the reflections of the old and the new on the corner of Sherbrooke St. E. and Saint-Urbain in Montreal, Quebec. I shot this last March.

Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water

Although this tree is dead in the water it still can provide interesting lines and reflections that appeal to my eye.

HDR processed with photomatix, lightroom, photoshop and topaz adjust.

Reflecting on Autumn

Autumn tree reflecting in water

Reflecting on Autumn

The colours this Autumn were very nice this year. With the dry summer we had I wondered what the colours would be like and they turned out to be a nice balance of reds through to yellows  . This shot is on Colpoy’s Bay in Wiarton Ontario. Just as a side note Autumn is one of those words that made me hate spelling as a kid. Heck even now it sometimes has me stumped! M and N should only be beside each other in the alphabet.

Harmony Square, Brantford

Harmony Square, Brantford

Harmony Square

This is Harmony Square in Brantford Ontario. It is a central gathering place down town and is used for a variety of events through out the year. You can check out their web site here

This is a 3 exposure HDR, processed with Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz adjust, Lightroom

Mother’s Day Reflections

River Reflections

Reflections on Mother’s Day

I think we are attracted to reflections in artwork not only for the symmetry it creates but also because in a subconscious way we reflect on life. As I reflect on my life I count myself blessed that my wife has been such a loving Mother to our children and that I have a loving Mother who raised me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Morning Reflections

Early Morning Reflections

I rose early on a crisp fall morning hoping to capture a colourful sunrise. I stopped at the Tim Hortons in Wiarton for a coffee to go and headed over to the west side of Colpy’s Bay to await the rising sun. The morning turned out to be cloudless but just before the sun rose above the horizon the sky began to glow red and purple. I will post that picture tomorrow. As the sun was rising with a soft morning light I shot these trees reflecting in the still water leaving me to reflect on how blessed we are to live in a Country that affords us the luxury of such beautiful scenery.