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Little House in the Garden

Garden House

When we go for a walk around the village I like to take my camera with me. It makes me more aware of my environment because I am on the lookout for things to take a photo of.

I found this little house in a garden we were passing by. I loved its whimsical look and just had to take a shot.



St. Jacobs Sunset

Conestogo River sunset

St. Jacobs Sunset

A shot take from the bridge over the Conestogo River in St. Jacobs.

As the sun dipped below the horizon the sky danced with colour!

Conestogo Heron

On Sunday I went for a bike ride down the trail along the Conestogo River south of St. Jacobs and came across this guy standing watch on the other side of the river. They are usually pretty skittish and fly away at the first sight of a human but he was content to stay put while I took his portrait.

Constogo Heron copy

Mennonite Country

Mennonite Country

Mennonite Country

This is a common site on a Sunday morning in the countryside  around St. Jacobs where I live. St. Jacobs is often referred to as “Mennonite Country”.

St. Jacobs Dam.

St.Jacobs Dam

St. Jacobs Dam

I spent an evening this week with a few new photography friends taking pictures of the St. Jacobs Dam. It’s always interesting to experiment with different settings while taking shots of waterfalls and flowing water.

St. Jacobs Dam Sunset

St. Jacobs Dam Sunset

St. Jacobs Dam Sunset

Today I got an email from a friend telling me that the water going over the St. Jacobs Dam was starting to freeze. Our own mini Niagara Falls she said. With that information I planned to go after work to take a few shots. I was curious about where the sun was setting this time of year in relation to the dam so I went to my favorite website, The Photographers Ephemeris  to find out. I was in luck! The sun would be setting in line with the falls. All I needed now was a good sunset.
I arrived with time to set up and as the sun went I took shots from several angles. I was not disappointed. This is one of my favorites.
Thanks Marion for the suggestion! I’ll have to keep an eye on this location to see if the frozen falls expands.

St. Jacobs Sparkles

St. Jacobs Main Street

St. Jacobs Main Street

All the St. Jacobs business have their Christmas lights up for the for this past weekends St. Jacobs Sparkles sales event.
Last night a group of us went out to capture the sparkle and experiment with some night – long exposure shots. These are a few shots from downtown.

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