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Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Harvest Time

This is another picture taken on the World Wide Photowalk day. I thought is looks like she is working on the harvest which is appropriate for this time of year.


Toronto’s Urban Angel

St. Michael - Toronto's Urban Angel

St. Michael – Toronto’s Urban Angel

Standing in the lobby of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto is this statue of St. Michael as a symbol of hope and healing to all that visit. Several weeks ago my Sister and her husband were in a motorcycle accident and ended up in the trauma at St. Michael’s. This unit is one of the best in the country and we are fortunate that they got and continue to get excellent care. My Sister is still in ICU due to some lung issues but is progressing. Her husband is doing well and has been transferred to Bridgepoint for rehab.

Here is some interesting history related to the statue from the Hospital web site.

For almost a century the statue of Saint Michael the Archangel has graced St. Michael’s as a symbol of hope for employees, patients and their families. The artist and date of creation of the statue are unknown, but the name of ‘Pietrasanta’ chiselled on the back of the statue indicates the stone is from the same quarry in Italy where Michelangelo procured the marble for his famous ‘Pieta’.

How the statue made its way to Canada is unclear, but what we do know is that during the latter part of the 19th century the Sisters of St. Joseph found this statue, dirty and blackened, in a second-hand store on Queen Street. Recognizing its value, they wisely bought it for the sum of $49 – money they had accumulated from the sale of old newspapers.

The statue now stands in our Cardinal Carter lobby, meticulously restored, a symbol of hope and healing for all who visit. It is why St. Michael’s is affectionately known as Toronto’s Urban Angel.


Doors Open Waterloo Region – St. Clements Roman Catholic Church

Sept. 15, 2012 was the date for Doors Open Waterloo Region. Part of Doors Open Ontario it provides an opportunity to tour participating noteworthy buildings and heritage sites in Waterloo Region. This is the first year we took advantage of this and were able to visit 9 of the 37 available sites . It was hard to choose where to go so we decided to check out the villages in the townships and then head into Waterloo.

Our fist stop was St. Clements Roman Catholic Church.

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church – Front

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church – Back

From the outside it is a typical brick village church. I have driven by it many times without giving it much thought.
Inside is a different story. A visual feast of art.

St. Cement Roman Catholic Church - Interior

St. Cement Roman Catholic Church – Interior

The walls and ceiling are covered by the intricate painting of the artist L. Scott Young. Young completed the work in 1948 and tragically died at the age of 38 in 1950 at Kitchener’s St. Mary’s Hospital following an operation for a ruptured appendix.

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church - Last Supper

Depiction of the Last Supper

This depiction of the Last Supper was done on canvas and applied directly to the ceiling plaster. The ornately carved, painted, and gilt alters date from the nineteenth century and the Canadian made stain glass windows where installed between 1800 and 1900.

St. Clement RC Church - Statue of Christ and Mary and stain glass windows

Statue of Christ and Mary and Stain Glass Windows

This photo shows some of the intricate painting Young achieved. The stone work around the statue and the windows is all painted on the flat walls. The mosaic tile work – all hand painted as well as the block work below. The 3D effect was quite amazing.

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church Interior

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church – Mary and Christ.

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church Mary and Christ

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church Mary and Christ

I not sure about the history behind the creation of this statue but it is a prominent feature on the side wall of the sanctuary.

This last picture is a view from the choir/organ loft.

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church

St. Clement Roman Catholic Church – View from Choir/Organ loft.

This first stop on our tour was a pleasant surprise.

The next stop is also a church – but quite a bit different. Stay tuned!

Wine Bearer

Wine Bearer Statue

Wine Bearer

This statue is at the side of a large house near the train station in Brantford Ontario .

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