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Fifty Point Sunrise

Fifty Point sunrise

Fifty Point – Lake Ontario

An early morning trip with a few photo buddies to Fifty Point near Grimsby Ontario was rewarded with a lovely sunrise. This Lake Ontario location is a favorite spot for photographers to get creative and photograph these unique wooden pilings from an old dock.

Summer Sunrise II

Colpoys Bay Sunrise

Colpoys Bay Sunrise II

Another shot at a different angle of the sunrise over Colpoys Bay on the long weekend. This is a great place to shoot from with lots of angles to choose from.

Summer Sunrise

Colpoys Bay Sunrise

Colpoys Bay Sunrise

The last long weekend of the summer. Sleep in, relax. …wait what – Not this time.My wife and I were up at 6:00 am – Stopped at Tim’s for coffee and tea and then to a little cove just past the Wiarton Marina to take pictures of the sunrise. We may not have slept in but it is relaxing to sit and watch the sun rise. I am not a morning person but I never regret getting up for a beautiful start to the day.

Wiarton Winter Sunrise

Wiarton Winter Sunrise

Wiarton Winter Sunrise

This is a follow up to my previous post – Sunrise Surprise. While I still had a few minutes to capture the sunrise I scooted down the shore and found this snow covered cedar with a young tree poking through. It provided an interesting foreground for this shot. Colpoy’s Bay was frozen over but not enough to go out on the ice. What a beautiful way to start the day.

Sunrise Surprise

Sunrise Surprise - Wiarton

Sunrise Surprise – Wiarton

I was in Wiarton Ontario this weekend (about 2 hr’s north of where I live) to take some winter photos. The weather prediction was for overcast skies but I got out early in hopes of at least some good light. To my surprise the clouds opened up at the horizon and allowed for few minutes of a beautiful surprise sunrise. I just got out of the car and was lucky to get this shot before it disappeared.

Later throughout the morning there were a few more times the sun poked through but the rest of the weekend was indeed overcast and actually rainy on Sunday. Despite the weather I think it was a successful weekend and I will share a few more shots in the coming days.

Vancouver Island – The S.S.

The S.S. Sunset

The S.S. Sunrise

This photo was taken this past spring on Vancouver Island. Each morning we got up early to catch the morning light. This day we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise!


Conestogo River Sunrise

Conestogo River Sunrise

Conestogo River Sunrise

Sunrise over the Conestogo River this weekend with the water running at the limit of the banks.