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Red Sky In The Morning

Red Sky In The Morning

Red Sky In The Morning

There was a beautiful red sunrise this morning. The old saying goes – Red sky in the morning – Sailors Warning. Well the day turned out wonderful but a quick look at the radar just now show rain moving in!


Go Station in Milton

Go Station

Go Transit is Ontario’s inter-regional transit system, linking Toronto to the greater Toronto area and beyond, via train and bus services. This was taken one early morning at the Milton Go station.

Wiarton Sunrise

Wiarton Sunrise

As promised yesterday here is the sunrise shot I took just before the reflections shot in Wiarton. The sky was pretty clear with just a few wispy clouds but the sun washed the sky with colour just before peeking over the horizon. I am not a morning person but watching the sun rise does something for the soul that makes getting up worth while.

Morning Reflections

Early Morning Reflections

I rose early on a crisp fall morning hoping to capture a colourful sunrise. I stopped at the Tim Hortons in Wiarton for a coffee to go and headed over to the west side of Colpy’s Bay to await the rising sun. The morning turned out to be cloudless but just before the sun rose above the horizon the sky began to glow red and purple. I will post that picture tomorrow. As the sun was rising with a soft morning light I shot these trees reflecting in the still water leaving me to reflect on how blessed we are to live in a Country that affords us the luxury of such beautiful scenery.