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Engine 6593


This is Engine 6593 which happily pulls passenger cars full of tourists and train enthusiasts between Waterloo, St. Jacobs and Elmira.

I took this shot at the train yard in St. Jacobs. Built in 1957, it has been lovingly restored by the members of the Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society (SOLRS).

Check this link for the history of engine 6593


Bridge Over The River Conestogo

Train Crossing the Conestogo River

Train Crossing the Conestogo River

The Waterloo Central Railway run this diesel train as well as a steam train between Waterloo and St. Jacobs. They also run up to Elmira for special occasions. This was taken in St. Jacobs crossing the Conestogo River.

Coming and Going

Coming down the track - Engine #9

Coming down the track – Engine #9

There she goes! Caboose from Engine #9

There she goes! Caboose from Engine #9

A couple more shots from the World Wide Photowalk in St. Jacobs. Both ends of the Waterloo Central Railway Engine #9 and the Caboose.

CN Lamp

CN Lamp

CN Lamp

I shot this old CN oil lamp in a Canadian National Railway Caboose in Owen Sound.





This is the interior of a Caboose on display at the Owen Sound Marine & Rail Museum.  Here is a little history from their website.

The History of Caboose 78581:

Caboose 78581 started out as a boxcar. It was built in 1910 in Chicago for the Grand Trunk Western Railway. The Grand Trunk Western Railway became the American branch of Canadian National Railways.

In 1947 the boxcar was converted into a caboose at CN’s Leaside shops in Toronto. This caboose was ready for use on December 13th, 1947 and was used by CN for many years until it was eventually retired. The Caboose was left sitting on a siding for a few years. A siding is a single piece of track attached to a mainline at one end for train cars to sit on. It is like a driveway for train cars.

The caboose went to the McDonalds Restaurant in Owen Sound and was used for parties and other events. A lot of changes were made to the caboose at that time.

In 2002 the caboose was brought to the museum and the restoration project began.

Waterloo Central Railway Steam Train

Waterloo Central Railway Steam Train

Waterloo Central Railway Steam Train

The stream train was heading back from Elmira to St. Jacobs and was about to cross Hwy 85. Dozens of cars were stopped and people were out taking pictures. I like the nostalgic look of the Black and White effect. The Waterloo Central Railway did a great job restoring this engine. If you are ever in St. Jacobs come and check it out!

Waterloo Central Railway

Waterloo Central Railway Steam Train

Waterloo Central Railway Steam Train

The Waterloo Central Railway Steam Train was running between St. Jacobs and Waterloo this weekend. I happened to be driving by this trestle bridge as the train was approaching. Despite the rain I got this shot. A little work in Photoshop and a few filters yielded these results.

Stainless Steel Train Car

Stainless Steel train passenger car

Stainless Steel Train Passenger Car

The stainless steel siding on this train passenger car caught my eye when we were in Orangeville Ontario. We were there on a company outing to ride the Credit Valley Explorer. Every one had a great time and the ride down through the Credit Valley was beautiful.

No Rats!

No Rats Graffiti on side of rail car

No Rats

This was taken in Brantford at the Train Station. There were some rail cars there and they seem to be a magnet for “Graffiti Artists”. I don’t consider this to be Graffiti Art but it made me smile and I love the texture of the paint and rusty metal.

Processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz