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Misty Morning Bird House in a Tree

Birdhouse tree

Misty Morning Bird House in a Tree

During a misty morning walk I found this interesting tree in the middle of a pond.

The same trail becomes a new adventure with the ever changing weather!

Tree Sea and Sky

Sea tree and sky

Tree Sea Sky

This is a rework of a shot I took back in 2013.

I have always been attracted to scenes of lone trees. Combined with the water land and big sky it’s an image that is simple yet seems to captivate me.

Sunset Tree

Sunset Tree

Sunset Tree

A late December Sunset before the snow arrived. I like the way the tree seems to be directing the clouds off to the north.

Flowing Fields

Flowing Fields

Flowing Fields

The summer winds blow through the wheat fields making them look like flowing rivers. That is the feeling I was going for in creating this work.

Vancouver Island – Windswept Tree

Windswept Tree

Windswept Tree – click to see larger

This shot of a windswept tree on the west coast of Vancouver Island seemed to call for a painted effect. After editing in Lightroom and Photoshop I put it in FotoSketcher to come up with this painted version.

Thought you may want to see the original uncropped version with some minor adjustments in Lightroom.


Windswept original

Windswept original

Tree on a Hill

Lone Tree

Lone Tree

Tree on a Hill
Well rooted and steady
Ready to take what life has to impart
But Alone

But not Really
It is one with the Earth
It’s roots feasting on its bounty
The winter – a time of rest
The spring – a time of renewal
The summer – a time to grow
The Autumn – a time to sow

I think we may have a lot to learn from this lone Tree!


Ice Storm

This morning I was checking emails and all of a sudden a blank screen. Outside it was raining and the ice was accumulating on the ground, trees, and hydro lines. The result was power was off for the majority of the day. Once the rain stopped I got out and took a few pictures.

Click to see them larger.