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Vancouver Island – The S.S.

The S.S. Sunset

The S.S. Sunrise

This photo was taken this past spring on Vancouver Island. Each morning we got up early to catch the morning light. This day we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise!



Evelyn May – Vancouver Island

Evelyn May - Ucluelet

Evelyn May – Ucluelet

Today’s post brings us back to my trip to Vancouver Island. The Evelyn May is beached beside a shop in Ucluelet that sells all kinds of interesting stuff. It was a fun place to poke around in.

Vancouver Island – Ocean View

Ocean View

Ocean View

Taken in Victoria British Columbia on Beach Drive. There’s nothing like sitting in a comfortable chair and taking in an Ocean view!

The Crow Contemplates the Cross

The Crow Contemplates the Cross

The Crow Contemplates the Cross

The crow was on the fence
Not knowing which way to turn
While contemplating the Cross

Vancouver Island – Peacock



We came across this Peacock in a park in Victoria Vancouver Island. He had an eye for the ladies!

Vancouver Island – Empress Hotel

The Empress Hotel

The Empress Hotel

The Amazing Race Canada is a reality television show in which teams race across the country following clues and completing challenges. This years season started in British Columbia. The Empress Hotel in Victoria on Vancouver Island was one of the stops. The challenge was to serve tea in it’s famous tea room. They had to memorize the menu and recite to the guests to get their next clue for the next challenge. All this to say it reminded me of my visit there earlier this year. Here is a shot I took of this famous landmark.

Vancouver Island – Cathedral Grove, Pick-up Sticks

Cathedral Grove - Logs

Cathedral Grove – Logs

I came across this pile of  logs in the Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island this spring. It reminded me of a giant game of Pick-up Sticks!

Vancouver Island – Ucluelet Lighthouse

Ucluelet Lighthouse

Ucluelet Lighthouse

Vancouver Island’s West Coast was one of Canada’s most dangerous coastlines – its rocky shores have been the final resting place for dozens of ships earning it the nickname the Graveyard of the Pacific. Amphitrite Lighthouse, built in 1906 was one of several lighthouses constructed to help sailors navigate the region’s treacherous waters. Visit Amphitrite Lighthouse, set against the stunning coastal landscape and admire the Pacific, its rocky shores and the history behind its contruction.
Read more: Amphitrite Lighthouse, Ucluelet, British Columbia

Vancouver Island – Windswept Tree

Windswept Tree

Windswept Tree – click to see larger

This shot of a windswept tree on the west coast of Vancouver Island seemed to call for a painted effect. After editing in Lightroom and Photoshop I put it in FotoSketcher to come up with this painted version.

Thought you may want to see the original uncropped version with some minor adjustments in Lightroom.


Windswept original

Windswept original

Vancouver Island – Ucluelet on the Rocks

Ucluelet on the Rocks

Ucluelet on the Rocks

Ucluelet – Vancouver Island has a wonderfully rugged coastline. Even on a calm day the rollers crash into the rocks putting on a show I never got tired of watching.

Vancouver Island – Starfish



I found this Starfish in a tidal pool on Vancouver Island. It was about 8 inches across – very beautiful.

Pacific Trail Sunset

Pacific Trail Sunset

Pacific Trail Sunset

Sunset taken on the Wild Pacific Trail Vancouver Island British Columbia. As I walked this trail I could not stop saying WOW! as we rounded each bend and another beautiful vista opened up before us.




A lone paddler heads out sea. There is nothing like a little solitude to calm the soul.

Taken on my recent trip to Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island – Nature’s Sand Art

Nature's Sand Art

Nature’s Sand Art

While walking along Florencia Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia these markings in the sand that looked like trees caught my eye. They were somehow produced by the receding tide. I am constantly amazed by the beauty to be found in the most unexpected places. It was almost as if God was drawing pictures in the sand!

Vancouver Island – Tonquin Beach Rocks

Vancouver Island - Tonquin Beach Rocks

Vancouver Island – Tonquin Beach Rocks

At the south end of Tonquin Beach on Vancouver Island you will find this beautiful tree lined out crop of rocks with the ocean swell rolling in and out.

Vancouver Island – Tonquin Beach

Tonquin Beach Tofino

Tonquin Beach Tofino

On day 2 we also visited Tonquin Beach just south of Tofino, Vancouver Island. The tail to the beach was easy compared to what we did earlier in the day which I will share in another post!

This little bridge was at the end of the trail to the beach.

Vancouver Island – Grice Bay

Grice Bay near Tofino - Vancouver Island

Grice Bay near Tofino – Vancouver Island

Day two of our Vancouver Island adventure found us getting up a 5:00 am to see if we could capture a nice sunrise picture. The sky turned out to be overcast and the wind calm. We saw a sign for Grice Bay and decided to investigate. Our curiosity was rewarded with a mirror smooth bay at low tide with some mist on the mountain. Even though the sun rise was hidden the  morning light was a delight!

I took quite a few shots here and will share more over the coming days.

Vancouver Island – Cox Beach Sunset

Here are the final pictures of a long first day on Vancouver Island. Sunset on the Rocks at Cox Beach Tofino – Vancouver Island

Sunset On The Rocks - Cox Beach Tofino - Vancouver Island

Sunset On The Rocks – Cox Beach Tofino – Vancouver Island

The surf subsided and a sunset calm took over to provide an end to a perfect day!

Sunset At Cox Beach Tofino - Vancouver Island

Sunset At Cox Beach Tofino – Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island – Sunset Surf

Sunset Surf - Cox Beach Tofino

Sunset Surf – Cox Beach Tofino

After flying from Toronto to Vancouver to Nanaimo and driving several hours across Vancouver Island we arrived in Tofino. We checked into our accommodations and set out to see if we could get a good sunset shot at one of the famous surfing beaches that Tofino is known for. We went to Cox beach and even though the wind was not very strong the surfers were making the best of it. The sunset was through rather overcast skies but I was able to pull out some colour in Lightroom to come up with this shot. I was a very long first day but we were having a blast!

Vancouver Island – Along the Pacific Rim Hwy – 2

Along the Pacific Rim Hwy 2

Along the Pacific Rim Hwy 2

This is another shot taken in the same area as the last post along the Pacific Rim Hwy on Vancouver Island B.C. As the water rushed through this small gorge the sight and sound was mesmerizing.

Vancouver Island – Along the Pacific Rim Hwy

Along the Pacific Rim Hwy

Along the Pacific Rim Hwy

As we continued on along the Pacific Rim Highway on Vancouver Island on our way to Tofino we stopped to take a few shot of the river. There is nothing like the rush of water on a beautiful day with the mountains all around to give you a sense of wonder.

Vancouver Island – Somass River, Port Alberni

This is just outside Port Alberni on the Somass River. This beautiful scene of the river with the mountain in the background caught our eye so we stopped to take a few pictures. Further exploration down by the river revealed the fishing boat and axe. This proved to the first of many stops on our way along the Pacific Rim Highway to Tofino!

Sommas River Port Alberni

Sommas River Port Alberni

Sommas River Port Alberni-2

Sommas River Port Alberni

Sommas River Port Alberni-3

Sommas River Port Alberni

Vancouver Island Trip – Cathedral Grove


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I just got back from spending a week with fellow Photographer and friend Rick Schmidt on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. We landed in Nanaimo Sunday morning (May 11), picked up our car and headed over to Tofino. On the way we stopped at the Cathedral Grove to check out the giant Douglas Fir trees. These trees are truly magnificent.

I will be posting more from our trip so stay tuned. If you don’t want to miss a post why not sign up for an email notification by clicking the follow button at the bottom of the page or like me on Facebook. The link is below.

“Cathedral Grove, located in MacMillan Provincial Park, is one of the most accessible stands of giant Douglas fir trees on Vancouver Island. Here visitors can stroll through a network of trails under the shadow of towering ancient Douglas-fir trees, majestic pillars untouched by the modern world – some more than 800 years old.” reference