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Watercolor Water Lily

Water Colour Water Lily

Water Lily

I took this Water Lily photo while Kayaking at Pinehurst Conservation Area and made some photo art with a watercolor effect in photoshop. I love being out amongst the Lily pads watching the dragon flies and birds.


Blue Heron Watercolour

Blue Heron Watercolour

Blue Heron Watercolour

I captured this image on the sailing trip around the great lakes. The Blue Heron is a truly magnificent bird. Although I did not paint this it is I do have control over the effect generated by the software and therefore it is not just an applied filter.

Water Colours

Water Colour

Sometimes something will grab your attention and you think to yourself “that’s cool”. Of course it is different for everyone but these sail boat masts reflecting in the water made me stop and shoot a few shots.

This started out as a single camera raw shot. Processed in Lightroom – softened with some noise reduction. I just kind of played around with it the software till I got it to the point were I was satisfied with it. That’s one part of the Art of photography I enjoy.