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Stone Arch Bridge, Blair Ontario

Blair Stone Arch Bridge

Blair Stone Arch Bridge on Bowman Creek

This is the old Stone Arch Bridge that crosses Bowman Creek just outside Blair Ontario. It is visible from Blair Rd. just before Fountain Street. I have read that it was probably built in the mid 1800’s for a rail line servicing the mills in the area.

It is a beautiful hidden gem and hopefully it will receive some sort of maintenance so that it doesn’t succumb to the forces of nature.

Ancaster Creek

Ancaster Creek

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Ancaster Creek

Early this spring I went with a few photo friends to take some shots at Sherman Falls in Ancaster Ontario. This is Ancaster Creek – downstream from the falls.

St. Jacobs Dam.

St.Jacobs Dam

St. Jacobs Dam

I spent an evening this week with a few new photography friends taking pictures of the St. Jacobs Dam. It’s always interesting to experiment with different settings while taking shots of waterfalls and flowing water.

Jones Falls – Owen Sound

This past weekend I got the chance to visit Jones Falls. Located at the west side of Owen Sound they are a short hike from the highway. The trail to the falls is an easy walk but if you want to get below the falls – as I did – you will want to have sturdy footwear and take your time.

The water was quite high and flowing fast! I love the sound of the rushing water. It incompasses all your senses and makes it a joy to photograph.

Jones Falls-2

Jones Falls

Jones Falls-3

Rapids above the falls

Jones Falls

Below Jones Falls

Weavers Creek – Owen Sound

Weaver Creek, Owen Sound

Weavers Creek, Owen Sound

Weavers Creek in Owen Sound’s Harrison Park is a real treasure. A short stroll along the boardwalk and trail to the main falls is so relaxing as all your senses are soothed by the sound of flowing water and the birds of the bush. The lush green leaves and moss covered logs. This is one of the small lower falls before you get to Weavers falls which is a beautiful mid sized water fall. Here is alink to a shot of the main falls.

Weavers Creek Falls – Owen Sound

 Weavers Creek Falls

Weavers Creek Falls

Weavers Creek Falls is located in Harrison Park in Owen Sound Ontario. I have photographed these falls in the winter so it was great to come back this past weekend to get a summer shot. You find these falls at the end of a beautiful boardwalk trail that follows the creek. To get this angle however, you have to venture across the creek.

Inglis Falls – Owen Sound

Inglis Falls

Inglis Falls

I have posted shots of these falls before but this time I was able to get to the base of the falls for a different angle. Located in the Inglis Falls Conservation Area they are the focal point of a beautiful area with some great hiking trails.