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Window Dressing – before & after

Part of the fun of photography for me is post processing. It allows me to get creative and reproduce¬†what I saw in my mind’s eye when I took the picture.

I don’t usually do this but I thought I would include the before shot in this post as an example.

When I took this shot I loved the colours and the symmetry created by the windows and the curtains. The problem was all the ugly hydro wires. I literally looked past the wires and took the shot knowing I should be able to do something with it in post processing.

For the curious, my tools were Lightroom, Photoshop and ON1

This photo was taken in Toronto – November 2012

Window dressing

Window Dressing

Window dressing-2



Vines and Brick

Vines and Brick

Vines and Brick

The ivy on this old building in Elmira Ontario will soon loose it’s leaves. All that will be left for the winter is a web of vine branches.