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Rockwood Park Falls

Rockwood Conservation Area Falls

Rockwood Park Falls

I took the kayak to Rockwood Park the other week and was able to get this shot of the falls. It is a great place to explore with a canoe or kayak. There are also nice hiking trails and a beach.

It is one of the Grand River Conservation Authority Parks and you can find more info here.


Yellow Sunset

A shot from this past weekend in Wiarton overlooking Colpoy’s Bay.

Antique Fire Truck

fire-truckLast weekend we visited several Doors Open locations. This antique fire truck was at the old Galt fire department.

Moraine Lake, Alberta



Moraine Lake

Here are a couple of more shots from Alberta. Moraine Lake is stunning in its beauty and grandeur.

Lake Louise Alberta

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Lake Louise canoes

Lake Louise canoes

We managed to get to Lake Louise before the bus loads of people arrived. There were lot’s of other photographers there all looking for the right light and unique angle. Even though it has be photographed millions of times we all do our best to capture how grand it really is.

Peyto Lake Alberta

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is another of the beautiful Rocky Mountain locations we visited this summer. Located just north of Lake Louise this lookout is on Bow Summit. We arrived early in the morning and after a fairly steep climb up a paved pathway we were rewarded with this beautiful view!

Majestic Mountains

Moutain paddle boarder pano

Rocky Mountains Panorama – Bow Lake

Moutain paddle boarder

Bow Lake

Moutain paddle boarder2

Bow Lake Paddler

The mountains of Alberta between Banff and Jasper are truly majestic. It is hard to get a sense of that from a picture. I hope that the stand up paddleboarders in these shots give a bit of perspective as to how massive they are.

Ancaster Creek

Ancaster Creek

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Ancaster Creek

Early this spring I went with a few photo friends to take some shots at Sherman Falls in Ancaster Ontario. This is Ancaster Creek – downstream from the falls.

St. Jacobs Dam.

St.Jacobs Dam

St. Jacobs Dam

I spent an evening this week with a few new photography friends taking pictures of the St. Jacobs Dam. It’s always interesting to experiment with different settings while taking shots of waterfalls and flowing water.

Fifty Point Sunrise

Fifty Point sunrise

Fifty Point – Lake Ontario

An early morning trip with a few photo buddies to Fifty Point near Grimsby Ontario was rewarded with a lovely sunrise. This Lake Ontario location is a favorite spot for photographers to get creative and photograph these unique wooden pilings from an old dock.

Dundas St. United Church Stairs – Top Down

Stair2s Dundas St United Church

Dundas St. United Church Stairs from the top down

This is the third and final post in this series from the Dundas St. United Church in Woodstock Ontario. I found these stairs to have beautiful lines and flow. They don’t make them like this anymore!

Dundas St. United Church Stairs

Stairs Dundas St United Church

Dundas St. United Church Stairs

This is a shot of the stairs going up to the balcony where I took the shot of the sanctuary in my previous post. I love the lines and curves of this staircase! Location: Dundas St. United Church – Woodstock Ontario.

Dundas St. United Church, Woodstock

Dundas St United Church

Dundas St. United Church – Woodstock Ontario

Today we attended the funeral of my wife’s Aunt. It was a beautiful service in a beautiful old church. Before we left I took a few moments to take this picture of the sanctuary from the balcony.

Sinking Farmhouse

As we travelled around the Ontario countryside this summer we discovered a few abandoned farm houses. I follow Ontario Abandoned Places on Facebook and have been fascinated by the properties they have explored. So when I came across this one I took the opportunity to take a look and shoot a few photos.

Out of respect for the rules of the Ontario Abandoned Places, I did not break in – (it was easily accessed), I did not remove anything – and I will not be revealing the location.

As I approached the farmhouse it was evident that the front part of the house had sunk into the ground by about 2 feet. I walked around to the side and was able to easily take a picture of the kitchen through the window. I then went around back and the door was open.

As I made my way through the chaos  I was careful to make sure the floors felt strong enough to hold me and not to touch anything!

The date on the wall calendar was 1983 and as you can see it was quite a mess but very interesting. After seeing the Christmas card I felt sad that all the memories in this abandoned home now seemed to be forgotten. Oh – and that giant syringe on the stovetop – it may be best forgotten what that may have been used for!!

Doors Open Waterloo Region 2015 – Trinity Anglican

Another Doors Open Waterloo Region has come and gone and this year had no lack of interesting sites to visit.

One of our first stops was Trinity Anglican on Blair Rd. in Cambridge. Here is the description from the Doors Open Web site.

Trinity Anglican is the oldest church building in Galt (Cambridge), set in a traditional churchyard surrounded by a cobblestone fence with a 1909 lych gate. Trinity’s striking, exposed-timber nave roof has ornately decorated trusses. Other highlights include beautiful stained-glass windows, an 1845 bell, an abundance of carved woodwork by Waterloo’s Globe Furniture Company, and other vintage wood trim.Trinity AnglicanTrinity Anglican-3
Trinity Anglican-2

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse
On our road trip to Ohio we drove along the south shore of Lake Erie. Just past Erie Pennsylvania is the Presque Isle State Park. We drove around the park and found this beautiful lighthouse which is actually a private residence.

A little history from the park web page. Presque Isle Lighthouse is located on the north shore of Presque Isle State Park at Lighthouse Beach and is the second oldest lighthouse on Lake Erie’s shore. Completed in 1873, the brick tower with attached dwelling was home to nine U.S. Lighthouse Service keepers and their families until 1944. During the shipping season, the keeper climbed to the top of the tower 3 to 4 times each night with fuel to put in the lamp.

Tractor Retirement

Tractor Retirement

Tractor Retirement

After a life of pulling and pushing and getting banged about this old tractor has retired to a field of wildflowers

We went on a road trip last week and I found this old tractor west of Buffalo N.Y. on the south shore of Lake Erie

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Lazy Hazy Days of Summe

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Watching the sun set (and taking pictures of it) is one of my favorite things to do. Here we are overlooking Colpoys Bay near Wiarton Ontario. The sunsets have been a little hazy lately and I hear this is a result of all the forest fires out West.

Weavers Creek Falls – Owen Sound

 Weavers Creek Falls

Weavers Creek Falls

Weavers Creek Falls is located in Harrison Park in Owen Sound Ontario. I have photographed these falls in the winter so it was great to come back this past weekend to get a summer shot. You find these falls at the end of a beautiful boardwalk trail that follows the creek. To get this angle however, you have to venture across the creek.

Baden Hill Sunset

Baden Hill is the highest elevation in Southwestern Ontario and after walking to the top of it you know it must be true. Needless to say the view is spectacular. This was taken a few evenings ago looking south west. The sun had gone down behind some cloud cover to the west but left a remnant of colour to the south west that was beautiful.

Baden Hill Sunset

Baden Hill Sunset

Peace and Tranquility

Peace and Tranquility - Vermilion Lakes, Alberta, Canada

Peace and Tranquility – Vermilion Lakes, Alberta, Canada

As I set up my tripod to compose this shot I couldn’t help but be in awe of the sense of Peace and Tranquility I felt here. With the mountains reflecting in the water, the Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada is a place where one can stroll along the shore and forget about the stress of everyday life. It was such a treat to be there and attempt to capture at least a portion of that Peace and Tranquility.

Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin

The Canadian Rockies are breath taking! We were making our way over to Lake Louise and out of the corner of my eye I spotted this mountain cabin. We turned around to investigate and parked in an area that cross country skiers use to access this area. We followed their trails to get a closer look. Step off the snow packed trail is something you only do once! A couple of steps to the right or left and you are up to your thigh in snow. The skiers had a good chuckle – I see you are out post holing they teased! True enough. Our off trail tracks looked like post holes. It was all great fun and the view was spectacular.

Black Creek Cattle Co.

Black Creek Cattle Co.

Black Creek Cattle Co.

After stopping at the side of Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton Alberta to shoot a couple of old cars, (see previous posts) we hopped back into our rental car and turned down a nearby country side road in search of more rusted treasure. About half a mile down the road, at the end of farm lane, we were rewarded with this old Ford truck. Again we circled around it looking for the best angles. I love the earthy colours of the rust and the nostalgic lines of these old vehicles.

Creative Machining

Creative Machining

Creative Machining

A couple of days ago I posted Flamed Out – the car and trailer we spotted on the side of Hwy 2 between Calgary and Edmonton Alberta. We had fun shooting from all angles and this is the car on the other side of the trailer. According to a sign posted beside this spot, Creative Machining offered “On Site Portable Machining Services”. I can just imagine this guy pulling into some farm with his trailer and spending a few days tending to the machining needs of the farmer. Creative indeed!