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Colpys Bay

Colpys Bay Wiarton Ontario

Colpys Bay at Wiarton

I took this picture of Colpys Bay at Wiarton Ont. a few years ago. We are at the cottage this weekend so I am posting this picture from the archives.

McCormick Deering 10-20

McCormick Deering Trackor

McCormick Deering Trackor from the 1920’s

This McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor is in the Village of Alma Ontario. I’m not in anyway knowledgeable about old tractors so I haven’t been able to tell exactly what year it is. If you know please leave a comment about it below. I just loved the rustic look of it and proceed the picture to reflect that rustic look. Hope you like it.

Tech info: 3 exposure HDR, photomatix, photoshop, topaz filters (spicify) and then adjustments in Lightroom.

St. Paul’s Church Neustadt

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Neustadt

St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran – Neustadt

On the way back from the cottage on the Easter weekend we decided to check out some of the back streets of the Village of Neustadt. We came across this beautiful little church. It has been well taken care of indicating a congregation grateful for the blessing of a place to gather and worship.
Click here for a photo taken apparently in 1927

Tech info: 3 exposure HDR, photomatix, photoshop, topaz, lightroom.

Alpaca – It’s just fun to say!

Alpaca head shot


I took this Alpaca portrait at a antique farm machinery show that we came across on the way back from the cottage.

The following is copied from the Alpaca Ontario site

Alpacas are small, endearing animals of the camelid family (other members include llamas, camels, vicunas and guanacos). They were domesticated over 5,000 years ago and became a cherished treasure of the ancient Inca civilization. Their fine cashmere-like fleece was once reserved for Incan royalty.

Alpacas produce fibre that is as fine as cashmere, soft, silky and much warmer than sheep’s wool. With the exception of mohair, alpacas produce the strongest animal fibre in the world. Their fleece comes in 22 natural colours, the widest assortment of colours of any fibre-bearing animal. Prized for its unique silky feel and superb handle, alpaca fibre is highly sought after by the textile makers of Britain, Europe and Japan.

Alpacas have a life span of 20 – 25 years. Adults weight 100 – 180 lbs and stand 34 – 36 inches high at the withers. Baby alpacas, called crias, generally weight 14 – 20 lbs at birth. Gestation is approximately 11 months. As a rule, alpacas are born during the day, usually between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Alpacas communicate through soft humming noises and a unique body language.

Today, in Canada, alpacas are raised for their exquisite fibre, and are enjoyed for their delightful personalities as well as the financial returns of raising and breeding them.

There are two types or breeds of alpaca, the huacaya and the suri, which differ primarily in the character of their fibre. The huacaya, the most common alpaca breed has a crimped or wavy fleece, whereas the suri has straight, lustrous fibre. In full fleece, the huacaya has a full, fluffy appearance, while the suri is elegantly draped in long, wavy locks.

Various worsted and woollen mills in Canada offer custom processing of alpaca fibre into various yarns, fabric and felt. Sweaters, blankets, mitts, socks, shawls, hats and duvets can be purchased through various home-based businesses.

Coming Through!

Running Horses

We’re Coming Through!

I was able to get this shot by standing in a ditch at the edge of the lane that these horses came running down. They could see me there and seem to be saying “Look out we’re coming through!”

All post processing in Lightroom

Waterloo Central Railway Engine #9

Night Train Waterloo Central Railway Engine #9

Night Train

The Waterloo Central Railway is restoring this Essex Terminal Railway Alco 0-6-0 Switcher Number 9 to active steam. The restoration shed is located in the village of St. Jacobs and along with my friend Anthony I was able to get some shots of this Steam Train . We challenged each other to do something creative with the shots so these are a few of them. All the photo’s in the compilation shots are photo’s I have taken over the past year.

Mister Chips

Mister Chips Chip Wagon

Mister Chips

Mister Chips Front

Mister Chips Straight On

Mister Chips Chip Wagon is in the same field and the abandoned cottage I posted yesterday. I’d say the only Chips left are on the paint!

3 exposure HDR, Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz, Lightroom