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Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2017, Elora

Last Weekend was the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2017. This year I joined a group in Elora Ontario.

Elora is a village with many tourist shops and plenty of photo opportunities. The group had a great time exploring the village. Each came back with their unique photographic take on this picturesque setting.

Here is my take.
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Reflections of Montreal



I loved the reflections of the old and the new on the corner of Sherbrooke St. E. and Saint-Urbain in Montreal, Quebec. I shot this last March.




Some of my favorite subjects. Rusted metal, textured wood, and peeling paint!
It’s an old latch on a double door of an old shed.

Hoggs & Heifers

Hoggs and Heifers

I shot this in New York City back in 2013. Just one of those things that caught my eye and made me smile.

Window Dressing – before & after

Part of the fun of photography for me is post processing. It allows me to get creative and reproduce what I saw in my mind’s eye when I took the picture.

I don’t usually do this but I thought I would include the before shot in this post as an example.

When I took this shot I loved the colours and the symmetry created by the windows and the curtains. The problem was all the ugly hydro wires. I literally looked past the wires and took the shot knowing I should be able to do something with it in post processing.

For the curious, my tools were Lightroom, Photoshop and ON1

This photo was taken in Toronto – November 2012

Window dressing

Window Dressing

Window dressing-2


Dundas St. United Church Stairs – Top Down

Stair2s Dundas St United Church

Dundas St. United Church Stairs from the top down

This is the third and final post in this series from the Dundas St. United Church in Woodstock Ontario. I found these stairs to have beautiful lines and flow. They don’t make them like this anymore!

Dundas St. United Church Stairs

Stairs Dundas St United Church

Dundas St. United Church Stairs

This is a shot of the stairs going up to the balcony where I took the shot of the sanctuary in my previous post. I love the lines and curves of this staircase! Location: Dundas St. United Church – Woodstock Ontario.

Dundas St. United Church, Woodstock

Dundas St United Church

Dundas St. United Church – Woodstock Ontario

Today we attended the funeral of my wife’s Aunt. It was a beautiful service in a beautiful old church. Before we left I took a few moments to take this picture of the sanctuary from the balcony.

Sinking Farmhouse

As we travelled around the Ontario countryside this summer we discovered a few abandoned farm houses. I follow Ontario Abandoned Places on Facebook and have been fascinated by the properties they have explored. So when I came across this one I took the opportunity to take a look and shoot a few photos.

Out of respect for the rules of the Ontario Abandoned Places, I did not break in – (it was easily accessed), I did not remove anything – and I will not be revealing the location.

As I approached the farmhouse it was evident that the front part of the house had sunk into the ground by about 2 feet. I walked around to the side and was able to easily take a picture of the kitchen through the window. I then went around back and the door was open.

As I made my way through the chaos  I was careful to make sure the floors felt strong enough to hold me and not to touch anything!

The date on the wall calendar was 1983 and as you can see it was quite a mess but very interesting. After seeing the Christmas card I felt sad that all the memories in this abandoned home now seemed to be forgotten. Oh – and that giant syringe on the stovetop – it may be best forgotten what that may have been used for!!

The Cloisters NYC

The Cloisters. The name itself makes me think of medieval mystery  and European Monks.

When I saw a post on Facebook by photographer Karen Hutton  of the Cloisters in New York City it became a must see for the next time I was there.

We happened to go NYC on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and scheduled a visit to the Cloisters on the Sunday morning. The grounds are beautiful and the architecture amazing.

This is a description from their website:

The Cloisters museum and gardens, the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe, was assembled from architectural elements, both domestic and religious, that largely date from the twelfth through the fifteenth century.

The building and its cloistered gardens—located in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan—are treasures in themselves, effectively part of the collection housed there. The Cloisters’ collection comprises approximately two thousand works of art.

Here are just a few of the shots I took there.

Doors Open Waterloo Region – Old Hespeler Town Hall

The Old Hespeler Town Hall was one of the Doors Open Waterloo Region sites this year. The great thing about Doors Open is you find out about the hidden gems we have here in the Region that you may not aware of. The old town hall is home to the Hespeler Heritage Centre and they have a large collection of items relating to the history of Hespeler. It was very interesting to explore and the knowledgeable volunteers were eager to share their stories.

Here is the description from the Doors Open site:

This handsome building is home to the archives and historical displays of The Company of Neighbours, volunteers dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Hespeler history and community. Sports photos, memorabilia and equipment (including the work of local manufacturers), well-known and home-town players of hockey, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, soccer and boxing will all be brought to life by knowledgeable hosts.

Old Hespeler Town Hall

Old Hespeler Town Hall

Old Hespeler Town Hall-2

Old Hespeler Town Hall – Heritage Centre

Old Hespeler Town Hall-3

Old Hespeler Town Hall- Heritage Centre

Old Hespeler Town Hall-4

Old Hespeler Town Hall – Heritage Centre

Old Hespeler Town Hall-5

Old Hespeler Town Hall

Doors Open Waterloo Region 2015 – Young Chapel

The Young Chapel is in the Mount View Cemetery in Cambridge. It was a real treat to get to explore the inside of this rarely opened jewel.

Unchanged and rarely opened, this chapel boasts beautiful original exposed-timber roof, stained-glass windows, chandeliers and woodwork. See the original basement vault and two-floor casket hoist system. The exterior features superb stonemasonry, original lighting and a slate roof. The chapel was built by the family of James Young, local businessman, journalist and MP in Canada’s first parliament (1867).

Young Chapel

Young Chapel

Young Chapel-2

Young Chapel Entrance

Young Chapel

Young Chapel

Young Chapel-3

Young Chapel casket hoist system in the basement

Doors Open Waterloo Region 2015 – Trinity Anglican

Another Doors Open Waterloo Region has come and gone and this year had no lack of interesting sites to visit.

One of our first stops was Trinity Anglican on Blair Rd. in Cambridge. Here is the description from the Doors Open Web site.

Trinity Anglican is the oldest church building in Galt (Cambridge), set in a traditional churchyard surrounded by a cobblestone fence with a 1909 lych gate. Trinity’s striking, exposed-timber nave roof has ornately decorated trusses. Other highlights include beautiful stained-glass windows, an 1845 bell, an abundance of carved woodwork by Waterloo’s Globe Furniture Company, and other vintage wood trim.Trinity AnglicanTrinity Anglican-3
Trinity Anglican-2

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse
On our road trip to Ohio we drove along the south shore of Lake Erie. Just past Erie Pennsylvania is the Presque Isle State Park. We drove around the park and found this beautiful lighthouse which is actually a private residence.

A little history from the park web page. Presque Isle Lighthouse is located on the north shore of Presque Isle State Park at Lighthouse Beach and is the second oldest lighthouse on Lake Erie’s shore. Completed in 1873, the brick tower with attached dwelling was home to nine U.S. Lighthouse Service keepers and their families until 1944. During the shipping season, the keeper climbed to the top of the tower 3 to 4 times each night with fuel to put in the lamp.

Curious Cabin in the Woods

Curious Cabin in the Woods

Curious Cabin in the Woods

My wife and I were driving down a gravel country road enjoying the scenery when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of something very curious. It looked like a cabin but it had this exaggerated roof line and these funny bubble windows.

I quickly stopped and backed up to get a better look. Sure enough my eyes had not deceived me. I had to take a picture of this. I spent a few minutes shooting from different angles. This seemed to work best. In post processing I added a few textures and different treatments to add to the uniqueness of this curious little cabin in the woods.

Doors Open Hamilton – Tip Top

On Sat. May 2 we made a quick stop in Hamilton to visit a couple of the Doors Open sites. This is the on the second floor the the former Tip Top Tailor building at 14 James St North Hamilton. The building is to be renovated soon and this floor has not been open to the public for over 35 years. I always find it interesting to explore old spaces. For more info

Tangled Web

Tangled Web

Rad Colour

Rad Colour

Tip Top View

Tip Top View

St. Jacobs Sparkles

St. Jacobs Main Street

St. Jacobs Main Street

All the St. Jacobs business have their Christmas lights up for the for this past weekends St. Jacobs Sparkles sales event.
Last night a group of us went out to capture the sparkle and experiment with some night – long exposure shots. These are a few shots from downtown.

Click on the photo to view larger

Doors Open Waterloo Region – Cambridge City Hall

Cambridge City Hall Stairs

Cambridge City Hall Stairs

I have been quite busy these past few weeks so here is a quick post of a shot I took in Cambridge City Hall during Doors Open Waterloo Region. It was a very cool set of stairs.

Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour

Kissing Bridge West Montrose

Kissing Bridge – West Montrose

This Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 & 26 is the Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour. A total of 15 artists will have their art on display and for sale. I’m looking forward to meeting all who can make it out. Check this link for the list of artist and the locations.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2014

Train Tressel

Train Tressel

This past Saturday I hosted a Worldwide Photo Walk event in St. Jacobs Ontario.

Check out the link to my flickr page for more photo’s

Doors Open Waterloo Region 2014 – Zion United Church

Zion United Church is located at 32 Weber St. W. in Kitchener. It is a beautiful church it contains beautiful stained-glass windows and has retained much of its original interior, including rich woodwork, a large gallery and heavy ceiling beams and brackets.

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Zion United Church

Open Doors Waterloo Region – Waterloo County Gaol and Governor’s House

The Waterloo County Gaol (jail) and Governor’s House are a real treasure for Waterloo County. Beautiful architecture preserved for everyone to enjoy!

Both of these buildings – the oldest Waterloo County structures in existence – were saved from an uncertain fate by community action. The exteriors are designated and the interiors are excellent examples of adaptive reuse. The stone gaol houses provincial courtrooms. The brick Victorian Governor’s House is used for court offices and public meetings. (from the Doors Open Ontario Waterloo Region Website.)

Waterloo County Governor's House

Waterloo County Governor’s House

Waterloo County Governor's House Spiral Staircase

Waterloo County Governor’s House Spiral Staircase

Waterloo County Gaol and Governor's House Courtyard

Waterloo County Gaol and Governor’s House Courtyard

Waterloo County Gaol and Governor's House Sun Dial

Waterloo County Gaol and Governor’s House Sun Dial

Waterloo County Gaol

Waterloo County Gaol

Waterloo County Gaol and Governor's House

Waterloo County Gaol and Governor’s House

Doors Open Stratford – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Stratford

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – Stratford

I know I am jumping around a little with posting Doors Open pictures from different cities but I processed this one a while ago and thought I would post it tonight since I didn’t have anything else ready.

This is St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Stratford and I love this curved balcony. It was just beautiful inside.

The congregation acquired this site in 1838. In 1868, a white-brick church was built, and it continues to be part of the church structure. A larger structure, today’s sanctuary, was built in 1911. The unique stained-glass windows lined with bronze castings are not to be missed. (from the Doors Open Stratford website.)

Wellington County Museum

Wellington County Museum

Wellington County Museum

I took this shot last June during the Doors Open Fergus – Elora. This building has a fascinating history and is well worth visiting.

“The Wellington County Museum and Archives is a National Historic Site. It is located in a building that stands as the oldest remaining House of Industry in Canada. It was built in 1877 as a “Poor House” or place of refuge for the poor, homeless, and destitute people in Wellington County. It operated as a Poor House and Industrial Farm until 1947 when it became a County Home for the Aged. In it was transformed into the Wellington County Museum and Archives. A new Archives wing opened in 2010.” Quoted from

This Saturday Sept. 20th is Doors Open Waterloo Region with a total of 41 different locations to explore. You won’t make it to all but there is plenty of variety to choose from. You can check out this web site to plan your day.