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Grand Sunset

Sunset over Grand River, Brantford

Grand Sunset, Brantford

In contrast to the Brownfield area I posted yesterday, Brantford has some very beautiful areas. One of them is Glenhyrst Gardens where we took in a sunset over the Grand River.

5 Exposure HDR, Photomatix, Photoshop, Noiseware, Lightroom


Brantford Brownfield

Time Office Abandoned Building

Time Can Be Cruel

Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield site, Brantford

Burnt out Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield Site – Brantford

Brownfield sites are commercial or industrial properties that are underused, vacant or abandoned. This site is the Greenwich-Mohawk site in Brantford and is made up of 50 acres in the south east area of Brantford. The burnt out section  is the result of a fire in 2002.
Click here for more information and the link also has links to what Brantford is trying to do to reclaim this land.

Floradale Lake

Floradale Lake

Floradale Lake

Also known as the Woolwich Reservoir, Floradale Lake is just north of Elmira Ontario near the village of Floridale.
There was a nice sunset the other night so I drove up and took a few pictures.

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Arlington Hotel

Arlington Hotel

Arlington Hotel Paris, Ontario

Built in the 1850’s the Arlington is a major landmark in down town Paris.  The original Golden Arches??

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Super Moon

Moon with quotes

The Super Moon of 2012

Here is a shot of the Super Moon I took earlier this month. My first thought was to add the famous “One small step for man…” quote but then I came across this one. I couldn’t help think if we can go to the moon in peace for all mankind why can’t we go in peace right here at home?

Engineered Steel

Engineered Steel railway bridge Paris Ont.

Engineered Steel

Something a little different today. This is a shot of the railway bridge in Paris Ontario. It is a great structure and I can just imagine the hours spent by engineers working out every detail of the construction. I bet it was with great satisfaction and relief the first time the train passed over it. I wonder how the engineer operating the train felt the first time passing over the new bridge? (click on the bridge for a larger view)

Pioneer Tower, Kitchener Ontario.

Pioneer Tower at Sunset

Pioneer Tower, Kitchener Ont.

In anticipation of a nice sunset last night we headed out to the Pioneer Tower in Kitchener. I have never visited this site before and it is a beautiful area with lots of walking trials.
The sunset was pretty good and this is one of the shots I took.

The following is a description of the tower from An Insider’s Guide to Waterloo Region.

Kitchener’s Pioneer Tower is a frequently photographed landmark. The tower was completed in 1926 to celebrate the German origins of the region, particularly to memorialize the Pennsylvania Dutch and Mennonite settlers who settled here in the early 1800′s. The city of Berlin, Ontario was renamed Kitchener during World War 1 and this tower was built in an effort to heal nationalistic wounds. The architecture is Swiss in influence, as Switzerland is the ancestral home of some Mennonite families in the area.

The tower is often open and the steep steel steps lead to an upper balcony which offers a wide panoramic view of the Grand River and surrounding countryside. At the edge of the bluff is a small pioneer cemetery where members of the Sherk and Betzner families are buried. The Schoerg (Sherk) and Betzner homesteads are nearby and the farmhouses built around 1830 still stand. A small park with some playground equipment is adjacent to the tower. The picture above was taken on a summer evening. Sunrise and sunset light are friends of any photographer who may want to take an exceptional picture of this landmark.

Thundering Hooves

Horses on the run

On the Run

On Saturday evening we went out to Baden again to get some more images of horses running.

Thundering Hoves

Thundering Hooves

They are such powerful animals and to stand in an open field with half a dozen or more horses galloping past you with in a couple yards is amazing. The thunder of their hooves has a rhythm that is almost hypnotic.

Horses Kick'n up Dust

Kick’n up Dust

After charging past us they continued down the hill – dust flying!


Stairway to Heaven

Church with glass block cross in Paris Ont.

Stairway to Heaven

Another shot from our Paris Ontario photo walk. This is a most unusual church. Not sure if it is still being used as a church any more. I think there was work being done to the roof and the sign outside had nothing on it. Maybe being made into apartments or something.

3 exposure HDR, photmatix photoshop, topaz, lightroom

Paris Dam

Paris Dam

Paris Dam on the Grand River

After taking pictures of the Soul Tree we went down to the dam on the Grand River. It is a very interesting spot. I’ve never seen a dam built with a S curve before. Construction started in 1918. It was built for Penmans Limited clothing company and was used to provide waterpower in order to operate the company’s mills in the town.  Follow this link to see a picture of it under construction.

Soul Tree

Soul Tree

Soul Tree – Paris Ontario

Yesterday a group of us went on a photo walk in Paris Ontario. A friend suggested we shot this tree just outside of Paris that is filled with shoes.

Soul Tree

Soul Tree – Paris Ontario

I have no idea what the significance of the shoes is but it gives the tree lots of soul!

Water Abstract

Water Abstract

Water Abstract

This is a bit of an experimental abstract shot of water flowing over rocks in the river. It was taken at sunset in St. Jacobs.

It is a 3 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz & Lightroom

Just the Shell Left

Burnt out House

Just the Shell Left

This is the second shot of this burnt out house near Scone Ontario that I have posted. Once a grand farm house that provided shelter for the occupants it is now just a shell. Lets hope the the previous owners where able to fly to a new beginning like a bird breaking free from it’s shell!

3 exposure HDR, Photomatix, Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz

Mother’s Day Reflections

River Reflections

Reflections on Mother’s Day

I think we are attracted to reflections in artwork not only for the symmetry it creates but also because in a subconscious way we reflect on life. As I reflect on my life I count myself blessed that my wife has been such a loving Mother to our children and that I have a loving Mother who raised me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Numbered Wall

Numbers on Wall

Numbers on the Wall

This was taken in Liberty Village, Toronto. Not sure what the missing numbers are but I like the abstract look of it.

Processed in Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz, Noiseware


Weathered Shed


This old building is still standing strong but it’s showing signs of the effect of the weather on wood and steel. The result is a beautiful blend of tones and textures. Shot in the Village of Ayton Ontario.

Processed in Lighroom, Photoshop, Topaz.

The Beauty of Chrome


The Beauty of Chrome

This Harley belongs to my cousin John. This was a quick shot I took when he stopped by to support Sarah and Mike’s stag and doe. There is a simple beauty to black and chrome that make’s it hard to take your eyes off of it. I wonder if bikers ever know what each other looks like. I would think all they look at is each others bikes. Another biker probably walks up to this bike and says “Oh, there’s John.”
Anyway – Nice bike John!

South Saugeen River

Ayton Saugeen river

South Saugeen River

This shot was taken on the South Saugeen River above the Ayton Mill Dam.

Pink Swan in a Peony

Peony with pink swan centre

Pink Swan Peony

I was going through some old pictures and came across this one I took in 2006. The stigma in centre caught my eye and looks like a swam.

Born in a Barn

Barn Door

Born in a Barn

When I was a kid and left a door open my parents would say “were you born in a barn!” Well I guess this is proof of where this saying came from. This is a little barn just down the street from where I live. By the way – The door is usually closed.

Processed in Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz

Cambridge Library

Musagetes Architecture Library

Musagetes Architecture Library

This is a shot from the Main St. bridge of the Musagetes Architecture Library in Cambridge

Founded in September 2004 as a branch library in the University of Waterloo Library system, Musagetes houses more than 40,000 volumes and over 80 current print and electronic journals.

Subjects covered by the library’s collection include architectural design, theory, history and criticism, historic preservation, building technology, industrial design, landscape architecture, interior design and urban design. A separate, environmentally controlled Rare Book Room houses one of Canada’s most outstanding collections of rare books on architecture and design.

3 Exposure HDR, Lightroom, Photomatix, Photoshop, Topaz, Noiseware